Summer Promo | $9,800 Flat Fee Listing*

Every Poway resident that lists their home with us between June 22nd, 2021 and September 22nd, 2021 will be represented for a flat fee of $9,800 for this very limited time. *Call for terms. Watch this short video: 

So, why are we doing this? The Poway community has been amazing to us over the years. Last year brought new challenges that none of us had ever seen before and we know that people, families and businesses went through hard times.

We want to do our part in taking care of the community and supporting our local economy with this limited time promotion. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to serve you and give back to the community that has done so much for us. 

If you're interested in exploring it further, *call or text us for terms at (858) 465-7903. 

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