Listing and Closing Coordinator

As the Listing and closing coordinator for Beer Home Team, you should be able to manage 98% of the Listing and closing process on your own.  Most often 100%.  Your goal is to keep our sales people in production while giving our clients an excellent experience that will result in a 9 or 10 customer satisfaction survey response.  Details are below.  You may also return to our careers page for application instructions at the bottom of that page.

Duties and Responsibilities:                       

  • Prepare listing presentation including marketing plan and listing agreement.
  • Complete internal check list items & verify all documents are completed.
  • Send out welcome letter.
  • Ensure excellent customer service.
  • Manage and implement entire marketing plan and update Top Producer as tasks are completed.  Stay on schedule.
  • Communicate closely with client.
  • Enter listing on all web sites and MLS.
  • Enter listing in Top Producer, and attach proper action plan.
  • Add Listing to Office Listing Google Doc.
  • Get keys and make copies..
  • Assign Lock Box on & add to Top Producer
  • Email team of new listing.
  • Add Seller to Top Producer.
  • Answer calls from Realtors inquiring about detail listing information.
  • Update systems as needed with changes in price or description.
  • Manage Winforms for any needed modifications of terms.
  • Coordinate any vendors needed, included but not limited to staging, window cleaning, septic, carpet cleaning, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities as Closing Coordinator

Process all under contract files not limited to the following activities:                    

  • Follow closing checklist in Top Producer.
  • Verify all document items on check list are completed & Audit File.
  • Update REW website to show client as current.
  • Send under contract letter to client along with Closing Department Newsletter and copy of contract.
  • Call Lender to verify appraisal has been ordered.
  • Call Buyer’s Realtor to check on home inspection.
  • Stay on top of all deadlines and manage them ahead of their expiration.  You are the gate keeper of the file.
  • Type any necessary Modification for sales contracts as needed.
  • Contact Lender and Title companies for updates weekly.
  • Contact Clients with updates weekly & email our Realtors with updates.
  • Verify Appraisal meets value and order bids (if client chooses) for any required repairs.
  • Receive Home Inspection on our listings and call client to go over and order bids (if Client chooses) for repairs. And obtain signature from seller and sent copy of signed receipt to Buyer’s Realtor.
  • Review repair bids with clients and obtain a signed agreement and send agreement to Realtors.
  • Check out key’s to appraisers/home inspectors and other Realtors as needed.  If occupied set up appointments.
  • Assign one day codes to Sentrilocks as needed.
  • Review HUD and make sure that all repairs, home warranty, commissions etc. are correct. After HUD is approved call Client(s) to go over.
  • Schedule final walk through.
  • Attend inspection, final walk-through, or meet vendors at property when necessary.
  • Prepare Raving Fan Club card and letter and put in file.
  • If our listing, order Sign and lockbox to be removed and update Top Producer once removed.
  • Complete closed check list.
  • Create Closing CD file and mail to client.
  • Begin past client Raving Fan action plan in Top Producer.
  • Begin Orphan Buyer Program if we represented seller.
  • Set up buyer on market snapshot.
  • Secure client testimonial.
  • Other items as requested or needed.

Daily Priorities:

Process any new under contract files. 

Return all calls and email by the end of the day.

Complete Top Producer to do task.

Make sure all files set to close for current week and following week are fully updated.

Enter all notes, calls and emails into Top Producer.

Key Metrics Responsible For:         

(1)        How many Buyer and Sellers under contract for the month for the daily huddle.

(2)        How often are you having to involve our sales staff?  

(3)        Weekly & Monthly Reports 

(4)        Customer satisfaction survey results 

System/Software Currently In Use:           

Top Producer - CRM (used for transaction management, listing management & client contact)

            Paragon - MLS

            County Tax Records

            Google Mail – Main company email

            Google Calendar

            Google Documents – Online document storage



            Adobe Photoshop



           REW website

Compensation and Application

Competitive Salary plus benefits.  To apply please return to our careers page found here and follow the steps at the bottom of the page.