Selling your home fast and easy without all of the hassles. 

Do you need to sell your home quickly but want to avoid all of the hassles of putting your home on the market? Call Dan Beer at eXp Realty and receive an instant cash offer in 48 hours or less. No showings. No repairs. No negotiations. No commissions. No closing costs. Control the timing of your move. 

Work with someone you can trust. 

Now here's the truth. The idea of a cash offer isn't anything new, there's a lot of people doing it and it's been around forever. Having said that, it is notoriously a space where people will give you an offer and then, of course, they run that home inspection and start changing the price, asking you for credits. In the industry that's what we call re-trading the deal.

That's the reason why we are completely different. We do what we say we are going to do and we never re-negotiate. Why? Well, frankly because our reputation is on the line. You've probably seen Dan Beer around town on billboards, on TV and even featured as an expert guest on various local news stations. Dan Beer runs one of the biggest real estate sales business in San Diego County, closing 438 homes and over $336 million in sales in 2020 alone. He cannot afford to damage his name by making an offer, playing games with people and trying to re-negotiate a bunch of nonsense later. 

Here's what people are saying about the Beer Home Team Cash Offer... 

"It was incredible how this all happened in the space of 6 days. What I appreciated was not only the simplicity of the Beer Home Team but the forthrightness in which the dealt with us. There were no games."

- Paul Sancartier, Happy Home Seller that received a cash offer from Daniel Beer. 

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