Why Rancho Bernardo Condos Make Great Cash Flow Investments

I have been a huge fan of Rancho Bernardo condos.  Simply put, I don’t know of another location in San Diego County where you get as high quality a tenant to occupy as low priced a property as you do in RB. 

Many are surprised to find out that there are multitudes of Rancho Bernardo condos available under two hundred thousand dollars.  There are not very many other communities of this caliber where you can find such low priced investment properties.  Rent in RB is also going to be higher than in most other San Diego locations that offer such low priced properties.  Plus, the tenants in RB tend to take better care of their properties than in some other low priced neighborhoods.

As an example, you may purchase a one bedroom Rancho Bernardo condo for $120,000 and rent it for $1,150 per month.  Great CAP rates like that are hard to come by anywhere, let alone in such a high quality neighborhood.

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Tenants here also tend to be longer term and the community benefits from being part of the Poway Unified School District, one of the county’s best.   Condos here also tend to be in good condition relative to alternatives in the same price point, lowering your management costs and increasing returns.

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