Latest Trend in San Diego Real Estate- Stability!

In San Diego County, the real estate market is moving and healthy, and in this video we give you the latest statistics and trends. We also discuss how failing to account for list-to-sale-price ratio in San Diego can lead to homes sitting on the market, when the average home is selling in 39 days.

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Right now we have a pretty stable market in the San Diego area. The amount of available inventory is at 8,600 homes, which is up from 4,500 homes at this time last year. That puts us at a healthy 3.1 months worth of inventory, with the average sold home only sitting on the market for about 39 days.

We guarantee we will sell your home in 49 days or less - if we fail to, we will sell it for free. In this market that is really moving, there is no reason your home should be on the market for 50 days. Our confidence has a lot to do with our time-tested marketing plan. We look closely at the list-to-sales ratio in the specific areas and strategically price your home to get it sold quickly and at top dollar.

There is no bigger mistake you can make than overpricing your home. Many people think they will start with a high price and lower it if necessary. The problem is that this strategy doesn't work - typically, no offers are made on the home and people don't even take a second look at the property once the price has fallen. Using a list-to-sale price ratio, you can price your home to sell.

In San Diego County, properties are selling for about 97% of the asking price. You need to take a close look at the numbers - such as comparable home sales in your area - to come up with an effective pricing strategy that gets you the most possible money in a reasonable amount of time. We can help you take a close look at the movement in the market so you can maximize the results of your home sale, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you are planning on selling your home.

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