Tips for Improving Your San Diego Home

If you’re renovating your home, there are certain areas that will earn a better return on investment compared to others. Whether you’re selling this year or not, here are some critical home improvement tips.

If you’re painting your home, go with a soft gray that has a hint of beige. Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore is the kind of color buyers are looking for. Benjamin Moore is a more expensive paint, but you can definitely find a similar color in a lower price point. Balboa Mist is extremely popular among the big builders in town, which means it’s also popular with buyers.

You should also change out your old, one-inch baseboards. Replace them with a flat, four-inch baseboard. A white baseboard accentuates those soft gray colors.

"If you’re selling in the next year or two,
you need to know what buyers want."

Finally, many sellers are removing old, beat up carpets. Although this sounds like a good idea initially, they replace that with new carpet, which many buyers might not be interested in. You can install a very nice wood vinyl or laminate for about the same cost as new carpet. You’re spending the money already, and buyers prefer that type of flooring.

If you are planning on staying in your home for a long time and you prefer carpet, then go ahead and invest in new carpet. However, if you’re thinking about selling in the next year or two, you need to pay attention to what buyers want.

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#1 By Helen Zou at 5/11/2016 -1:34 PM

What color of kitchen canines is currently most popular if the counter top is white tile?

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