The Most Beneficial Way For Sellers To Handle Repair Agreements

Handling Repair Agreements: Credit or Repair?

Should you handle a repair agreement via credit or via repair? This is a topic that comes up almost every time with home sellers when the second round of negotiations comes around with that repair list. Whenever possible,it is in the seller's best interest to go with a credit.

Options for handling a repair agreement

Options for handling a repair request are credit or performing the job the buyer requests. Among both alternatives, the most recommended is credit.

Whenever you can, reach a repair agreement through a credit. In this way, you will be able to properly meet the client's requirement satisfying their need, and more importantly, keeping them as a happy client.

On the other hand, through credit you guarantee greater security and peace of mind for you as a seller, with regard to three important points:

Credit amount

When delivering a loan, regardless of the amount of money involved, there is no way you can go wrong. That is, the credit frees you from being held responsible for any error in the execution of the work.

Customer satisfaction

When you avoid doing the work when granting a credit, you also avoid the possibility that the client is not satisfied with the repair carried out.

In short, you prevent the buyer from claiming you for a repair that is not to their liking, or that was not as expected.

Save of time and money

By managing everything through credit, you save a significant amount of time, effort and money. 

In summary

When faced with a repair request, it is best to choose to handle it with credit. This alternative saves you the possibility of arguments, additional work and complications with the buyer.

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