Santaluz Inventory Way Down

Santaluz inventory is significantly down and I wanted to share the facts. 

Traditionally, there has always been anywhere from fifty to sixty homes on the market within the gates of Santaluz.  Today there are only twenty nine homes listed for sale.  A quick glance at the MLS will show thirty five of them but six of those are actually vacant lots that are trying to market a build to suit package.

These numbers are hard to believe, but they are very real.  Inventory is actually down in many neighborhoods across the county.  One major reason for it is that there has been virtually no construction over the last three years. 

As a Santaluz agent, I can tell you that there is a lot of pent up demand for a great home in Santaluz, but buyers do not have much to choose from.  I particularly see a lot of demand for smaller empty nester homes, and for larger family homes that have multiple bedrooms near the master for the kids.

Does this mean prices are quickly rising in Santaluz?  No, it doesn't.  The market is still competing against the number one threat, which is the buyer's ability to do nothing.  To get buyers to come off the fence, the deal needs to offer buyers a high perceived value.  Nevertheless, I can't help but think there is opportunity for those that want to offer a great home at a competitive price. 

You can use this link to see the current home listing inventory in Santaluz.  Feel free to get in touch to discuss further. 

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