Our 4-Step Goal Setting Process Keeps Your Momentum Moving Forward

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Our Goal Setting Process Keeps Your Momentum Moving Forward

Today we will be discussing goal-setting because it something that is very si-highlight--primary to our team. We often get clients in San Diego who ask us how we always keep moving forward and building on ourselves year after year. Our answer always comes back to goal-setting.

The process that works best for us is actually somewhat counter-intuitive to how some people go about it. Most people will analyze where they stand today and then set goals for a year in the future or maybe 3 years down the road. These people move progressively through time, but what we do is work backwards to accomplish our goals. We have four basic steps that we take to accomplish our goals, and we're going to share them with you today.

  1. Work Backwards: If you set a yearly goal you should be thinking about where you need to be in 6 months to accomplish it. To get to your 6 month goal, you have to consider where you need to be in 3 months, and to reach that goal you need to figure out what you need to do in the next month. This backward thinking can really ground you in reality and connect you to your future goals in a more tangible way by moving them into the present. A 5 year goal can be lofty, but by working backwards you can ground it in your everyday life.
  2. Be Specific: You can't just set a goal like: In 5 years I want to have more money. You need to be much more specific than that because what if someone just gave you 5 dollars? You would have accomplished your goal. Put a number on your goal or some metric to measure your success in attaining it.
  3. Set a Date: Setting a specific date to achieve a goal will likely make you work harder to achieve it, knowing that there is a deadline for it. Don't just set a goal and leave it at that. Push yourself and set a date where it needs to be accomplished by. Solidifying your goals like this can help remind you that they are attainable and that you must work to achieve them.
  4. Write them Down: It's been proven time and time again that when you write things down it makes you remember your goals and accomplish them. A Harvard business school study concluded that people that had written down their goals in life were exponentially more likely to have achieved them if they had written them down as opposed to just thinking about them.
So, these are some of my tips to achieving your dreams. This has been a little different than what we typically do, but I believe that this is vitally si-highlight--primary to what we do everyday.

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Thanks for tuning in!

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