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3 Ways We Find Off-Market Deals for Our Clients

Buying in a competitive market can be stressful. Here’s how we can reduce the stress for you, especially in this market.

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Many buyers in this market are finding that the homes their agents are showing them are homes that everyone else is already looking at and competing for. As a buyer, you want the right home, you want it now, and you want to stop competing like crazy for it. Right? Here are three strategies that we use day in and day out to get around that competition and find the perfect homes for our buyers:

1. Expired listings. These are properties that were on the market in the past that failed to sell and are now off the market. Maybe they’ve been off the market for a few months, maybe it’s been a few years. Either way, a lot of them may just be waiting for that one call from us to take the leap and sell again. By making the right calls, we are able to find inventory that isn’t yet available to the public.

2. Rentals. A lot of people who have owned rental properties for about a year are seeing their first leases come up and realizing that they either want to sell and cash in on their equity or that they don’t like being a landlord. We aim to turn these owners into sellers by targeting them and letting them know we have buyers ready to purchase their home.