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How to Juggle Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time

Buying and selling a home at the same time is tough to do. However, we help make the process easier for our clients and here’s how.

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Do you need to buy a home and sell one at the same time? Should you buy before you sell, or sell before you buy? Are these questions driving you crazy? You’re not alone.

This is a question that a lot of homeowners struggle with. When you want to buy a new home but you know you have to sell your current home in order to buy, how do you make those transactions happen concurrently?

We utilize a few different strategies. One way is through a leaseback. This is a situation where you sell your home, then rent it out from the new buyer while you purchase your new home.

With a very experienced agent, you can time both of the transactions so that your contingency release on your purchase happens after the contingency release of the buyer purchasing your current home. Therefore, if anything goes wrong with your sale, you can still back out on your purchase. To do this, you need to ensure a very fast and effective sale.

If this is a situation that you’re facing, that’s where...