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Beer Home Team was just named one of The 429 Best Companies to Work For In America by Inc. Magazine

Beer Home Team was just named one of The 429 Best Companies to Work For In America by Inc. Magazine. 

We are honored to be recognized for our outstanding culture and workplace!

Inc. Best Workplaces awards the company cultures that thrive in the face of adversity. Cultures that in response to a pandemic redefine the workplace and continue to enrich it. Cultures that foster employee growth and advancement at all levels. Cultures that are truly worthy of being named one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. 

The Inc. Best Workplaces list is created in partnership with Quantum Workplace and is based on employee feedback. For the Editor's List, entries are evaluated exclusively by Inc.'s editors. 

To view the official list, visit 


Why Homebuyers Should Consider Commute Times Before Making an Offer

Before Buying a Home, Learn Everything You Can About CommutesBefore putting in an offer on that dream house, it's important to consider what a daily commute might look like in terms of distance or time. Many people are surprised to find that rush hour traffic on either end of a day might look very different from what it does during off-peak hours or weekends. Here are several considerations to make before purchasing a house that might involve long commutes to work.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

Every year, the average commuting individual spends at least a week on the road. Many spend considerably more than that. Just think about that for a second. The daily time some people spend commuting might exceed their annual vacation hours. That's a lot of hours that take away from a healthy work-life balance.

Commutes are Sometimes Expensive

Aside from draining precious hours every week that could be better used toward work-life balance, commute times can also equate to more expense. Whether driving or using public transportation, commute times can be costly. Expenses involved can include:

  • Cost of gas
  • ...

Take the Stress Out of Moving by Using These Tips & Timeline

Making a Move Soon? Start Planning Early to Minimize StressWhile some process changes in life without hesitation, others are resistant to reworking their lives during the transition. Believe it or not, there is a certain level of psychological change in the moving process. However, having a solid mindset and a set plan in place can alleviate some pressure. Whether the move is just across town or across the country, this moving timeline guide can help set the scene for success.

Tasks To Achieve Two Months Before Moving

The secret to a successful move is planning, planning, organizing, and more organizing! Start getting the mindset in place a couple of months before moving. Prepare mentally—not only for yourself but for anyone else who will be involved in the transition, physically or financially.

Use an online calendar to send reminders of tasks that need to be achieved, or use a binder to organize a moving timeline. Things to include at this point include:

  • Notifying a landlord or continuing work with a real estate agent to sell current properties
  • Receipts estimating moving costs/submission to employers for compensation if potentially applicable
  • Notifying current and new utility services
  • Reserving a moving company if needed
  • Getting a ‘game plan' ready to streamline the transition

Check These Tasks Off Six Weeks Before Moving

With some major tasks...