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What to Avoid in Buying a Home

A home is probably the biggest investment an average person can have in a lifetime. Therefore, it is just but right to say that there is no room for errors in deciding to buy one and choosing the “right one.” Buying a home entails an elaborate and painstaking planning. Once the buyer is ready to purchase a new property, he must be prepared to go through a long-winded process of paper works, open houses and negotiations. Therefore, know the common mistakes in home buying to be able to avoid them.


When deciding to acquire a new property, think ahead of time in order to get the greatest deal that suits your needs, lifestyle and budget. 


Suggested Pets According to Accommodation

Having a pet is one of the deepest relationships we can have. Apart from babies, they are the only creatures capable of genuine loyalty and unconditional love. They are the friends who do not expect anything in return, except to be nurtured by their owner. These animals can make us smile, laugh and relax after a day of tedious tasks. They can also be the best listeners when we want to pour our hearts out, and they let us be us without any judgment or bias.

Anyone can have a pet, and considering the lifestyle of most these days, it is essential to have at least one waiting for us each day we get home from work. However, in choosing pets, we have to consider the kind of home we have. And there are animals appropriate for each type of housing, may it be small or enormous.  If you are planning to have a pet or add one to what you have now, read through the following suggestions for you to know what animals best suit the kind of space you have.

So no matter what type of housing you are in, there is a suitable pet waiting for you. Just make sure to love and nurture it so you can have twice as much back. 


Simple Ways to Have a Beautiful Garden

Plants around the house not just beautify it, but also provide a good source of oxygen. When you plant vegetables and/or fruits, then, they’re a good source of food too. But what if you really want to have one of these but your living space is limited? For instance, you are renting an apartment with only a narrow balcony as a spare area? Don’t let this limitation hinder your passion for gardening! Below are great economical ideas on how to make your own garden without the need for a large space or large expense.


Whether you’re planning to grow seedlings or propagate some herbs, or maybe you’re dying to beautify your house with flowers, you can follow the above tips to save space and money. Be creative! Let your minor limitations be your strength!


Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Buyers build their impression right from the instant they see a property for sale. Therefore, it is a must for the seller to ensure that prospective clients are impressed from the moment they drive to the entrance, and are captivated when they get to see the property up close. When this happens, a good offer is just right around the corner.

In order to fascinate buyers and sell a home within the fastest time possible, staging is of utmost importance. It may not be as easy as 123, but if the vendor is serious about getting the deal done, then he should consider following the suggestions below on how to stage his home. 


Emphasize your home’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses so it could appeal to the greatest buyers possible.


Conserve Water Now!

Water conservation is a simple concept, yet, many still don’t exercise caution in their use of such. Conservation should be a part of our daily lives. We should use water wisely and responsibly. There are numerous ways to conserve water and what better means to do so than those that can enhance the quality of our homes?

In our own little ways, we can contribute in saving water; we can help save the world and provide an adequate living environment to our the future generation. We should make conserving water a habit before it’s too late, and it’s always best to do so in a fashionable manner. 


Common Health Risks at Home

Keeping a home safe takes a lot of effort and energy, but in order to do so, awareness of what poses threats to the health of the family is a key. Of course, no home is a hundred percent safe, but reducing the risks will help residents feel at ease in their very own homes. Check on the common potential health risks below to also be informed of the effects of and how to avoid such.

Everyone has the right to a home that offers the assurance of safety and comfort, so keeping it free from health threats is of high priority.


Why Hire a Realtor

Typically, someone who sells would want to get the most money out of his products and someone who buys would want to get more than his money’s worth. A typical vendor would do everything to promote his goods at the lowest expense possible, and a typical buyer would choose the best option that offers the least price as well. Basically, whether you are a seller or a buyer, you would want to get the best without having to spend too much.

Same thing goes when selling or buying a home. A seller would want to get as much cash as he can with as little hassle as possible, while the future homeowner would want to get the best home he could out of what he can afford—or even less. And the best way to achieve these for both parties is to hire the services of professionals who are experts in the field of real estate. Below are the 10 reasons why both a home seller and a home buyer should seek the help of a realtor.

It is always best to look at the big picture when deciding to sell your home and/or buy a new one. Think of how much money and time you can save when you are willing to spare some for a good agent.


Why Do Agents Take Overpriced Listings?

Looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego County? Click here to perform a full home search, or if you're thinking of selling your home, click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation so you know what buyers will pay for your home in today's market. You may also call us at (858)-375-4949 for a FREE home buying or selling consultation to answer your real estate questions. 

Today we are going to discuss one of the most impactful conversations we had on our show on 600 KOGO, Sundays from 9-10a.m. This is going to be a huge time saver for you, especially if you're thinking of selling your home.

The question we discussed was, "Why would an agent knowingly take an overpriced listing if they know it's not going to sell?"

This is about giving you the truth about how the real estate industry operates. Most agents only get a very small amount of listings per year, and many only get 2 or 3. When they have the opportunity to sit in your living room and get your listing by telling you your home will sell for $50,000-60,000 more than it's worth, it becomes tempting for the agent to get their sign in your yard, which is their goal.

Why is this their goal? What's going to happen is someone will drive by, see the home, and call the number. Now the agent listing your home has a buyer lead they can contact about your listing and others. Then, a neighbor will see the sign and call,...

How to Childproof Your Home

Children are extremely curious by nature. By exploring things, they learn and develop well. However, this curiosity poses hazards not just to them but also to the house itself.  They can fall down the stairs in an attempt to climb down on their own. Decorations on the other hand will immediately attract their attention and these can get damaged in the hands of these tiny human beings. Another common incident we hear of would be kids getting poisoned with chemicals haphazardly strewn in the house. Now, it is highly si-highlight--primary that when there is at least one child living with us, all possible measures to make it child-safe should be observed.


Kids are prone to injury, but parents and adults alike have available means to reduce the risk of such, while also maintaining the home’s wonderful appearance.   


7572 Northern Lights - Santaluz Custom Home


Reward yourself with this vast piece of paradise that offers a clear view of the Pacific Ocean, incredible sunsets, and picturesque valleys and hills. Backyard features a sparkling pool, fire pit, jungle gym, outdoor shower, and built-in barbecue island equipped with a bar and sink. Once inside, you are greeted by your living room that offers magnificent space, hardwood floors, a grand fire place, and beautiful french doors that open up to the backyard. Kitchen equipped with granite countertops and top of the line amenities including self-closing drawers, Wolf range, Sub Zero Refrigerator, and room for a wine cellar. Master bedroom furnished with walk-in closet, mini fridge, fire place, Jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower and with private entry to your backyard. Your master bedroom windows provide amazing ocean and valley views! The home also has a guest suite with sink and fridge and includes a private entrance to the pool area. There is no better home than one that has it all, so let this Santaluz home be yours!


13586 Penfield Pt. - BEST LOT in Carmel Valley with Beautiful View!

Breathtaking views and THE BEST lot in Carmel Valley! Come home to this amazing 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath home, featuring tall ceilings, Versailles Pattern Travertine flooring, picturesque windows, and three gas fireplaces - one located in the master. The master bedroom is also furnished with vaulted ceilings, dramatic wood beams, a large office, and a built-in deck, which has a staircase down to the back yard. All bedrooms are very large and comfortable in size, with one bedroom located downstairs. Intricate wrought-iron railing adorns your staircase. Recessed lighting and crown molding throughout. Kitchen is equipped with a Thermador gas range and Sub Zero refrigerator, both stainless steel. Backyard is an entertainer’s delight, with a built-in fire pit, built in BBQ, a covered patio area for shade, and lush green landscape. Your incredible view soars out over the sparkling pool towards the coastal horizon.


Clever Tips For The Most Common Home Cleaning Struggles

Who knew you could use tennis balls as cleaning supplies? As this article reads, you can use them to erase those annoying black scuff marks off of walls and flooring.

In today's fast paced world, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient and to make every process a little simpler. Cleaning house is tough to keep up on in the midst of our busy schedules. Before we know it, the trash bag is ripping at the seem, the food in the fridge is piling up, and our dishwasher doesn't even have room for another fork.

Reading these clever cleaning tricks will not only help you to be more resourceful, but they will help make clean-up much easier along the way.

Think about the additional expenses that come with home ownership. They should be considered before you start spending money on new furnishings and home improvement projects. 

You also may think you are the king or queen of "honey-dos", however you may not be totally cut out for an electrical or plumbing job. In some situations, leaving it to the professionals may be the best solution. 


Santaluz, a Vibrant Community

In San Diego County, located next to Rancho Santa Fe, is a village of elegance and humility, excellence and perfection. SANTALUZ, a master planned community is not just a haven for breathtaking Bermuda grass fairways, but also a venue for various exciting events and leisure activities.

Santaluz is home to different clubs that offer a wide array of activities for its folks of all ages. For instance, the “Toddler Play Groups” gathers kids of age two to four at local parks to learn and play together. “Santaluz Babies” on the other hand puts its effort to assemble parents and their babies to play as a group and also offer night offs for the parents. “Ladies Lunch Bunch” would engage a group of ladies to explore various cuisines together in different locations.

This lively and enviable community also offers different celebrative activities. Summer Celebration and Fireworks Spectacular are the most remarkable events to cross-off the calendar where over 3000 homeowners gather for a night of entertainment and magnificent fireworks. The Fall Harvest Festival brings forth a variety of games for children along with a food fair. While the Children’s Winter Holiday Celebration is a fun-filled event that lets families channel their creativity through holiday crafts whilst basking in holiday music and kids or the kids at heart can take their photos with Santa Claus.

Come and be part of the Santaluz community to experience a unique way of living that the rest of the world is dreaming of. Browse through our featured listings now and see what your next home could be!

 For more information on Santaluz events, visit their website at