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3 Funny Things Buyers Do

In my opinion, there is no more interesting thing to do than people watch.  People are funny.  But if you think they are funny as you observe from a street side cafe as they rush to work, you have no idea how funny they can be when they are buying real estate.

The truth is we all do these things, including myself.  Why?  I don't know.  I guess it is part of being a human.

Here is a collection of my favorite buyer behaviors:

  • One of the biggest miracles of home buying is that nearly everyone becomes a drawer and cabinet expert.  Almost without fail, buyers will walk into a home and begin examining every piece of carpentry they can get their hands on.  My favorite is the look on their faces of extreme concentration as they examine each hinge with the precision of a surgeon.  Another very special moment is the silent nod as they close each drawer, giving it their professional stamp of approval.
  • Of course, than there is surface guy.   Like cabinet...

Views and Privacy In Fairbanks Ranch - New Listing

Call Daniel Beer To View Fairbanks Ranch Property at 858-337-7409.

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[idx-listings tract="Fairbanks Ranch" propertytypes="335" orderby="DateAdded" orderdir="DESC" count="50"]

17046 Circa Oriente, Rancho Santa Fe 92067 MLS 100014339


Don't Even Dream Of Skipping Your Property Inspection

I just went through an escrow where the buyer chose not to get a professional home inspection (I represented the seller). It wasn't the first time I see that happen but I just can't ever believe anyone would even dream of releasing contingencies with out one.

Buyers, Attention Please!....Get a home inspection every time you purchase real estate! Got that? Good.

The inspection is one of the greatest protections that you have as a buyer. It is your opportunity to inspect the property inside and out with the help of a professional. The benefits of this can't be over stated.

A home inspection will help you figure out what you are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into. Buying real estate is a serious matter and you should be taking every precaution.

Best of all, it will give you real grounds under which to negotiate repairs from the seller. The seller find it difficult to argue with the findings of a professional home inspector. At least that's how it works here...

Notice To Perform - The Facts

Notice to perform is one of the most often misunderstood clauses of a real estate purchase contract. Both buyers and sellers routinely ask me how the notice to perform works. Here are the facts:

  • Notice to perform is a protection afforded to buyers in a real estate purchase contract that stipulates a "warning period" or notice period to the buyer from the seller if a contractual obligation is not meant.
  • By Default, the notice to perform time frame is 24 hours, though I will most often attempt to extend it for my buyers to 48 hours or 72 hours.
  • The seller can not take action against the buyer for missed contractual obligations without first giving the buyer a written notice to perform that is good for whatever amount of time was negotiated in that particular purchase agreement.
  • If a seller does give a buyer notice to perform and the buyer still does not execute their obligation, the seller is now in their right to cancel the deal. However, the deal is not automatically...

Santaluz is Cooking- Luxury Market Outlook

San Diego's luxury real estate market is showing major signs of life, led by Santaluz.  After an abysmal 2009, Santaluz has closed 12 million dollar properties, including five $2 million properties.  The gated golf community also has fifteen million dollar properties in escrow, including two homes with $5 million price tags.

As somebody that has dedicated a lot of time over the last five years to sellingSantaluz homes for sale, I can tell you that these are impressive numbers.

This is an absolutely incredible achievement when you consider that for all of 2009 Santaluz only recorded twenty eight million dollar sales.  Assuming the community can close it's current pending sales by the end of June, the community will be on pace to double its production from a year ago.

By comparison, The Crosby only has sixteen million dollar sales closed or in escrow to date  to Santaluz's twenty seven. ...

After the Fall: Opportunities and Strategies for Real Estate Investing in the Coming Decade

After the Fall: Opportunities and Strategies for Real Estate Investing in the Coming Decade

  • ISBN13: 9780470405277
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Praise for After The Fall

"Steve Bergsman provides his readers with one of the most comprehensive, yet concise overviews of real estate and all its property types."—Christopher...

Vantage Pointe Loan Default

What started off as an exciting project to build the biggest residential building in Downtown San Diego has now turned into a nightmare for the developers.  Vantage Pointe has officially defaulted on their construction loan in the amount of $197.8 million.

But the truth is that it did not take a genius to predict this one.  I mean you have to be kidding me!  A 679 unit project where people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be packed into a building like Sardines?  How did that sound like a good idea to anybody?

Oh wait I know; maybe the location is second to none and people would overlook the obvious lack of space and be willing to over pay for Vantage Pointe...EEHHHH!  Sorry wrong again.

This property has one of the poorest locations of any Downtown San Diego residential building. Not quite in East Village, not quite on Cortez Hill, but just sitting there in no man's land on 9th and B.  The area that is underdeveloped in comparison...

Best San Diego Beach You Have Never Been To

Moonlight Beach Encinitas is easily one of the most beautiful places in the county so why is it that the majority of San Diegans I speak to have not been there. In a way I am jealous of these people because I wish I had the opportunity to discover Moonlight Beach  in Encinitas again for the first time.

I decided to write this post after visiting the famous Moonlight Encinitas beach this weekend. While fairly crowded, it struck me that nearly everyone at the beach was from Encinitas or somewhere relatively close in North County. I realized I needed to write this post to expose Moonlight Beach Encinitas for discovery by the rest of you San Diegans that have been missing out.

Then again, the fact that is such a neighborhood beach is one of the things that makes it so great. It is the furthest thing from a commercial type of beach. Instead, Moonlight Beach Encinitas is birthed from the residential neighborhood that shares the sand with the waves.

It has...

Real Estate Offer Cover Letter

If  your agent isn’t presenting your real estate offers with a cover letter, you are losing money.  That’s right.  You are out right losing money for not taking the time to write a real estate offer cover letter.

I am a very firm believer that when presenting an offer for a buyer, one of the greatest services that an agent can provide is to include a well written powerful argument describing why the buyer is offering what they are offering in the form of an offer cover letter.

When supported with a well researched offer cover letter, it makes it a lot harder for a seller to counter as aggressively as they may have otherwise wished.

This is because the cover letter gives meaning to the asking price, instead of it just being a buyer’s dream.  There is a huge difference between, “My client is offering to purchase your home at X price for this reason, this reason, and this reason”, as opposed to, “My client wants to purchase...

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