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The Most Beneficial Way For Sellers To Handle Repair Agreements

Handling Repair Agreements: Credit or Repair?

Should you handle a repair agreement via credit or via repair? This is a topic that comes up almost every time with home sellers when the second round of negotiations comes around with that repair list. Whenever possible,it is in the seller's best interest to go with a credit.

Options for handling a repair agreement

Options for handling a repair request are credit or performing the job the buyer requests. Among both alternatives, the most recommended is credit.

Whenever you can, reach a repair agreement through a credit. In this way, you will be able to properly meet the client's requirement satisfying their need, and more importantly, keeping them as a happy client.

On the other hand, through credit you guarantee greater security and peace of mind for you as a seller, with regard to three important points:

Credit amount

When delivering a loan, regardless of the amount of money involved, there is no way you can go wrong. That is, the credit frees you from being held responsible for any error in the execution of the work.

Customer satisfaction

When you avoid doing the work when granting a credit, you also avoid the possibility that the client is not satisfied with the repair carried out.

In short, you prevent the buyer from claiming you for a repair that is not to their liking, or that was not as expected.

Save of time and money

By managing everything through credit, you save a significant amount of time, effort and money. 

In summary

When faced with a repair request, it is best to choose to handle it with credit. This alternative saves you the possibility of arguments, additional work and complications with the buyer.


Official #1 Ranking Per San Diego Business Journal

Beer Home Team Named #1 Residential Real Estate Team in San Diego 

Beer Home Team is honored to be recognized as #1 on the 2021 San Diego Business Journal Residential Real Estate Teams List! 

The SDBJ list was determined by 2020 sales volume and units sold.The ranking highlighted our record-breaking achievement of 438 homes sold and over $336 million in closed sales volume last year alone.

We've been trusted by more than 1,600 San Diego area families because of our proven and highly professional process that goes against the grain of traditional home selling methods.

We are honored to be recognized by the highly respected San Diego Business Journal and being described as the #1 Residential Real Estate Team in the county is something we are extremely proud of!

Official Press Release 

SAN DIEGO, Apr. 26, 2021 - The accelerating growth of San Diego-based Beer Home Team at eXp Realty was recently recognized again when San Diego Business Journal named the company the #1 Residential Real Estate Team in San Diego County.

The SDBJ list was determined by 2020 sales volume and units sold. The ranking highlighted Beer Home Team's record-breaking achievement of 438 homes sold and over $336 million in closed sales volume last year alone.


How to Identify and Secure 4 Hidden Hazards Around Your Home

4 Common Safety Hazards Hidden in the HomeHomes often contain many hidden hazards, so it's important for owners to learn how to identify and remedy them. The following information examines four common home hazards and offers solutions on how to fix them.


Falls consistently top the list of the biggest hidden household hazards. Slippery surfaces, objects on the floor, and instability associated with staircases are three of the most common causes.

Loose handrails should be tightened and secured. Homeowners should install safety gates to protect small children from stairways and other areas and apply non-stick treads on uncarpeted steps. Additionally, homeowners should remove all trip hazards from floors, including toys, exercise equipment, and any other items used in common areas. Rugs with non-slip padding prevent slippery floor conditions, while spaces along interior hallways and stairways and outdoors should always be well-lit.

The CDC consistently lists falls as one of the top reasons people need ER visits. One of every five falls results in serious injury, according to statistics. Preventing common types of falls will protect everyone in the home.


In 2018, more than two million poisoning incidents were reported to poison control centers in the U.S. Common household items, including cleaning products, home maintenance, and medications, can cause household poisoning accidents. To prevent these hazards:


These Smart Tech Features Increase Home Value—Does Yours Have Them?

5 Smart Tech Upgrades to Boost a Home's Appeal to Potential BuyersHomeowners looking to increase their home's value can consider investing in smart tech features. While many home renovation projects don't add much of a return on investment (ROI), smart home features typically add worth. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, people can essentially connect everything in their households to boost convenience and security.

Once connected, all that's needed is a push of a button, a voice command, or a smartphone to use as a “remote control.” The best smart tech upgrades to consider adding to homes right now include the following options.

Smart Thermostats: Convenient Energy Management

In 2018, a smart-home survey revealed 77 percent of potential homebuyers wanted smart thermostats. Current data support these findings; this year, smart thermostats are among the three leading technologies desired in a home.

The appeal is easy to see. Smart thermostats not only adjust to occupants' energy consumption, but they can also be programmed or controlled remotely with a smart device. The best thing for homeowners? It's not an expensive device and, for the most part, brings a full ROI.

Smart Security: Keeping a Home Safe Remotely

Smart security features are also one of the top features buyers seek. Roughly 65 percent want smart security cameras, security locks, and doorbells. Security cameras...

Sustainable Technology and Its Advantages in Residential Construction

Concepts in Sustainable Building: Trends, Materials and PracticesHomebuyers and construction professionals have begun to embrace more concepts of sustainability and responsibility when building new homes. Thanks to the growing affordability and access to eco-friendly materials and more intelligent technology, going green has never been easier. The following information explores sustainable building technology and its advantages in residential construction.

What Exactly Is Sustainability in Home Building?

Statistics estimate that 35–40 percent of carbon monoxide emissions are attributable to the construction industry as a whole. These numbers are why the concept of sustainable building has come to the forefront in consumers' and contractors' minds. Eco-friendly home building aims to minimize the waste and energy expended during construction and put forth the greatest efforts possible to utilize biodegradable and renewable products.

Another aspect of creating a sustainable home is establishing a green home environment. Here are some concepts that builders are employing today to help ensure the least damage possible is suffered by both the planet and the home's occupants.

Using Biodegradable Materials in Home Construction

Biodegradable materials are classified in three ways: those crafted from recyclables, those that can be recycled post-use, and those that do not harm the environment during their creation. Some affordable ways to incorporate their use in construction and remodeling are to consider:

  • No or low-VOC carpeting and paints
  • Using green insulation
  • Eco-friendly flooring and...