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Del Sur Home Sold in 6 Days for 102% of Ask

After attending our Annual Community Pie Giveaway last year, these homeowners decided to meet with our Head of Listing Department to learn more about our business and we have become so successful in their community. 

The couple was moving to Utah for work and so needed to sell their Del Sur home quickly. While interviewing other agents, Beer Home Team's home selling strategy stuck out to them the most. It was a no brainer. 

After a few home improvements, professional staging and top-notch photography, this home was ready to be put on the market. 

Over 35 groups, close to 100 people, came to the first day of showings! Just 6 days and multiple offers later, the home sold for 102% of ask.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly and for TOP dollar, call us at 858-413-2169 to learn more about our flexible commission and menu of services as well as our Minute-to-Minute Agreement.


Buyers Who Follow the Crowd Always Lose

by Daniel Beer

The Problem

Stop following the crowd! Like everything else in life, when you are doing the same thing everyone else is doing, you typically will get average results.  That is a law categorically impossible to break.  By definition, if you act average, you will get average.

For home buyers, average takes on the shape of doing what all other buyers are doing.  Looking at the same homes.  Chasing down the latest home to hit Zillow or your favorite website.  Attending the same open houses.  Calling on the same “For Sale” signs. 

The result, much to your chagrin and all too familiar if you are currently on this path, is that you are constantly in a state of frustration as a buyer because the best homes tend to go fast and with multiple offers.

You think you are ahead of the pack because your new listing alert hits and you run out to see the home, but what you find is that the listing alert also prompted dozens of other buyers across the market.  You can’t seem to get ahead.  Always behind.  Always stuck in the crowd.

Sometimes you notice homes that seem to be available without competition.  But they don’t excite you for a wide array of reasons, just like they don’t excite the other buyers.  Could be due to presentation, pricing, staging, photography, or an array of other reasons.   You say no to those homes, just the same way the rest of the market has said no.  Still part of the crowd.

Nearly all buyers in any given market are all going after the same set...

How to Win in This Market as a Homebuyer

Why is it so difficult to purchase a home in this market? How can homebuyers beat the competition and find the home they want? We have a few tips for you today. 

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There are many frustrated homebuyers in our current market. Every time they see a good house, it already has a bunch of offers on it. How can you find a home in such a competitive market?

Every buyer is doing one of three things:

  1. They are looking at Zillow or their other favorite real estate website.

  2. They are going to open houses.

  3. They are calling the numbers on ‘For Sale’ signs.

So, what is the one thing each of these methods has in common? Buyers are only looking at homes that are available to the public. If you use one of these three sources, then you will not see any unique inventory. You are just looking at the same homes that the entire buyer population is chasing.

Homes tend to go fast in this market, so the homes that are still available are the leftovers. It might feel like you are late to the party because even those homes have multiple offers on them. Since you are only looking at the same houses as everyone else, you are on the road to frustration. Many buyers throw up their hands and say, “That’s...

Why Agents Take Overpriced Listings

Why would an agent take an overpriced listing? At first glance it would be a silly and pretty much stupid thing for an agent to do.  Why would an agent want to spend their time and money marketing a property that they aren’t sure will be able to sell and by most any objective measure is overpriced?

A stream of very logical questions.  Fair questions from home sellers that are simply looking for an honest discussion with somebody they hope is not only a real estate agent, but a professional real estate agent.  Somebody that understands the nature of their fiduciary responsibility to their client.

Nevertheless, we all know that there are some homes out there that are priced beyond the range of reasonable value and will sit indefinitely.  Perhaps you have actually experienced this ugly scenario yourself with a prior home sale.

To understand why an agent would take on an overpriced listing, all you have to do is look at the math.  There are roughly 20,000 real estate agents in San Diego County.  Many get licensed with the promise and allure of million dollar listing after million dollar listing.  TV shows on Bravo and HGTV probably don’t help.   But the reality is that there are only roughly 37,000 homes sales per year in San Diego County.

That’s 20,000 agents for 37,000 home sales.  Now, every home sale has two of what agents call “sides.”  The buyer and the seller side.  So every sale provides two opportunities for an agent to be paid.  That adds up to 74,000 sides.

That may seem like a big number, but when you consider that 74,000 sides divided by 20,000 agents only equals 3.7 sales (or sides) per...

Best Pets for Your San Diego Home

If you’re thinking about adopting a new furry family member, you should always take into account the amount of space you have for your new addition.

San Diego has beautiful beaches, and some, like San Elijo State Beach allow dogs; but if having a dog won’t work for your space, fear not! Finding a furry friend to share your space, however large or small your space may be, is easy, and we’ve got a great guide for you.

If you’re living in a small place there are some great pets you can add to your family. Hamsters, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and geckos are fantastic pets that don’t take up much space. Aquarium fish are another great small space option, and will add a nice ambiance to your space. If you’re more adventurous, a snake, tarantula, frog, or crab could make for a fantastic pet as well.

Apartment living doesn’t mean you can’t have a cuddly friend to come home to! Cats are ideal apartment pets because they do well in any size home. Cats are also clean, and are perfectly fine to be left alone during the day while you’re at work. Small low-maintenance dogs are also great for apartments. Breeds like Pugs, Boston Terriers, and French Bulldogs are apartment friendly. If you like larger dogs, Bulldogs, Great Danes, and Greyhounds make great apartment pets because they like to lounge, and require minimal grooming.

If you have a house with a small yard, you can of course have a cat or dog, but when you have a yard, you have the option to adopt a more active dog who will enjoy the fun of running around in the yard. If you are into more exotic pets, you could get a pig, some...