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Surprise....We Speak Fluent Spanish

Yes, your San Diego Home Finder speaks perfect Spanish.  There, I'm glad that is public now.  I just about kicked myself a moment ago when I realized that I have made no mention of this gift anywhere on the site.  Si busca casas en San Diegoeste es el lugar para encontrar las.

See, I was born in Mexico City.  While I only lived there until I was two years old, Spanish was always the primary language in my household and at all family events.  Still is to this day.  Me encanta trabajar con casas de venta en San Diego.  Es la mejor vida y estoy aqui para ayudar los a ustedes encontrar casas en San Diego.

Precione aqui para Casas De Venta En San Diego

If anybody is looking to buy a home in San Diego County and prefers to work with a Spanish speaker, than Daniel Beer is still your man.  Weren't expecting that one?  Good.  I hope to surprise you many more times.  Now let's sell some Casas en San Diego.


The Federal Tax Credit Is Dead - Almost

The time has finally arrived. The over analyzed, highly regarded, disdained, loved, hated, debated $8000 federal first time home buyer tax credit is coming to an end in three days.

Supporters of the tax credit point to the increase in home sales during the time the tax credit has been in place.

I tend to think that the tax credit did not create buyers, but just rushed them. I am a great example of this. I am getting married in August and was bound to buy a home anyway. The tax credit had the effect on me of rushing me to make sure I buy now instead of then so that I can take advantage of the tax credit. I mean, if you are bound to buy anyway then why not get the credit.

In my opinion, anybody that purchased real estate for an $8,000 federal first time home buyer tax credit is buying for all the wrong reasons. There are usually far greater implications to buying real estate than $8,000, for better or for worse.

Only the very wealthy with a lot of cash sitting on hand that were thinking of different investment options could have plausibly been, or should have been, persuaded by the first time buyer tax credit.

Having said that, odds are that the very wealthy wouldn't be first time home buyers. Maybe a very small insignificant percentage of the wealthy young adults in their early 20's who had yet to purchase a home would fall into this category. Not enough to have a huge effect on the housing market.

My guess is that we will see a small slow down in home sales in the next two or three months because in theory those May, June, and July buyers will have rushed and purchased in February, March and April.

In either case it is going to be incredibly interesting to see what happens and I am sure there will be plenty of debate in the blogs.


Top 10 Most Expensive Homes In Chula Vista

Some people don't realize that Chula Vista has some very pricey real estate that can hold its own against many other parts of the county.  This post will be updated each day and will always display the top 10 most expensive homes in Chula Vista that are currently on the market.

You can Also Search All Chula Vista Homes For Sale by clicking this link.

[idx-listings city="Chula Vista" propertytypes="335" orderby="Price" orderdir="DESC" count="10" showlargerphotos="true"]


Building A Custom Home - Tips You Should Know

Building a custom home can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but it is si-highlight--primary that you follow certain proven principals.  San Diego custom homes are distinctive and best of all, one of a kind.  They  are especially unique because unlike other regions, most of the homes in our county are track homes.  That makes San Diego custom homes really stand out from the crowd.

The best part of building a custom homes is that it becomes a reflection of yourself.  It is your opportunity to be an artist and create something in your vision.  It is something that you will use every day, it will shelter you, and you will create memories.  These are only a few of the reasons why building your own custom home can be so rewarding.

Having said that, there are a few tips and strategies that you should know before you break ground:

Location: This is the number one most si-highlight--primary aspect as it relates to the resale value of your future home.  Be careful not to fall in love with a vacant lot that is great for you but most likely not for anyone else.  An example could be that you are not bothered by high tension power lines so you purchase a lot and build a home right under them because the view is great.  Fact of the matter is that this will be a move you live to regret if you were to build a San Diego Custom Home when it comes time to selling the property so avoid this issue now.  I am not saying they can't be in view in the distance but make sure you are a few hundred yards away.

Plans: Spend time on plans, a lot of time!  This is the best use of your time and your investment.  It is a lot less expensive to hold on to the plans a few more weeks and do a lot of serious thinking about the layout than it is to move walls or redesign once under construction.  Take your time with the plans.  You will be happy you did.

Reputable Builder:  Picking a builder who is not only reputable but has also built...

Top 12 Most Expensive Homes In Carlsbad

Carlsbad real estate prices can reach higher price points than many people realize.  Carlsbad boasts some amazing oceanfront real estate along our San Diego County coastline.  The list below is updated every night with the most expensive Carlsbad homes on the market.


Home Path Incentive To End May 1st

The Home Path incentive ends on May 1st.  Only homes that close escrow before May 1st are eligible for the closing cost assistance and appliance incentive for Fannie Mae homes.  Let this serve as your reminder that if you are looking to purchase a bank owned Home Path home you need to rush.

More si-highlight--primaryly you need to make sure to contact a Home Path approved lender.  This really is a great opportunity that I hope many of you took advantage of.


Everyone Wants To Know, "How's The Market?"

How is the market?  That must be the number one question I get as soon as anyone finds out that I am in real estate.  The follow up question usually is, "do you feel that it's recovering?"

Now while I understand why people would ask this question, I do find it rather humorous.  Why?  I find it humorous because they do not ask, how is the market in Rancho Santa Fe?  Or, how is the market in Chula Vista? Or even how is the low end doing or the high end?  Nope.  Just a simple, "how's the market."

I can't answer that question without knowing what part of town you are talking about and at what price point.   Also, from whose perspective?

Ask a seller in Chula Vista  and you will be staring into the eyes of a person that has most likely just lost their shirt.  Chances are that they think the market is pretty crumby.  Ask an investor in Chula Vista how the market is that just picked up a property at auction a couple months ago and is flipping the home and that person may think the market is great.

How can that be?  It can be because real estate is not a one size fits all game.  You see, the Chula Vista market is incredibly competitive with multiple offers on nearly any decently priced and decently cared for home.  However, you have to look at the reason that it is so competitive.  It is that way because prices have come down so far that many buyers and investors have taken action.  Furthermore, other seller's that are not willing to sell at those prices have gotten out of the way and taken their homes off the market.  This has caused inventories to drop, making the competition for buyers even more fierce.

Ask the buyer in the above scenario how the market is and they will say something along the lines of, "it's crazy how fast property is selling.  I have made seven offers and still haven't been able to purchase anything."  Ask someone that bought their home in 2005 that is selling under this same scenario and you will get a different answer. ...

How to Find Short Sales That Can Close Quickly

Short sales can be frustrating for buyers due to the amount of time it takes to buy a short sale and the uncertainty involved. However, there are things that your agent can do for you to help you focus on short sales with a high probability of responding and closing quickly.

The trick is to have your agent filter MLS search results to show only homes that have short sale approval, which in San Diego is easily done. Not sure about other areas. Usually, if I have a client that wants to find a property that they can purchase quickly I add the sales restrictions field to my search and filter so only homes that have short sale approval, REO's, and no restrictions will show up in my results. This yields properties that can move quickly.

So if your agent is bombarding you with a bunch of property listings that are at the infancy stage of the short sale process and you are becoming tired of it just ask your agent to do what I describe here. Better yet, call me and I will do it for you.


How To Best Structure a Short Sale or REO Offer

One of the growing frustrations among new clients that I meet is that they want to purchase a San Diegoshort sale or REO but the banks seem to favor other people's offers. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten I find that these short sale buyers are receiving misguided, or sometimes unguided, advice from their real estate agent. In this post I will share the advice I give my San Diego short sale and REO buyers on how to structure a their offer.

Initial Deposit

If financially possible for you, make the opening deposit equal to 3% of the purchase price. The banks will take your offer much more seriously this way because 3% has become a de facto industry standard.

The reason behind this number is that it matches the maximum liability allowed to a buyer under the liquidated damages clause on page 5 of the C.A.R California Purchase Agreement. Anything less than 3% will make you seem less committed to the property.

Escrow and Title

Make escrow and title services the seller's choice in your San Diego Short Sale offer.  Not only will this make your offer seem cleaner to the bank, but you may as well do it this way because the bank will end up dictating services anyway.

It also gives the impression to the bank that you will be easy to deal with during escrow, which gives them confidence to go with your offer over somebody else that is perceived as being difficult.

Notice To Perform

Many agents, including myself, use the practice of extending the notice to perform period for their buyers.  While an excellent practice for traditional transactions, this is a terrible practice for a short sale or REO offer.  It too has the effect of making you look difficult as a buyer and not fully committed to the purchase.  Throw in the fact that this is bound to get countered out by the bank and there is really no reason to soil your offer by doing this.

Length of Escrow


Most Expensive Luxury Homes In La Jolla, CA

You can reference this post any time you like to view La Jolla's most expensive luxury homes on the market at any given point.  The list is automatically updated daily so it works as a resource that ou can revisit over and over.  La Jolla luxury homes are among the most sought after anywhere in the world. They offer the type of ocean views that will leave your jaw dropped wide open in disbelief.  Want proof?  Just see below. 

Our team is highly experienced and specialized in La Jolla luxury homes.  Please inquire should you have any questions.

Search all La Jolla homes for sale.


Please Stop Quoting CNN! Real Estate Is Hyper-local.

Buyers, sellers, clients, readers, and everybody else.....I am begging you!  Please stop quoting what you hear on the news regarding the real estate market.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that everything that is on national media outlets like CNN is wrong.  But when it comes to real estate, national statistics just don't cut it.

That is unless you think that national media outlets know that your home at the top of a pretty hill, that your friend lives under high tension power lines, that your neighbor's home has mold, or that your boss's home was just remodeled from the ground up.

Of course they do not know that.  When you hear statistics that the national home market did x, please keep in mind that it is an AVERAGE across 50 states!  It lumps markets in Texas, where $300,000 buys you a 5,000 square foot mansion, in with communities like La Jolla, where $300,000 hardly buys you a bus pass.  It makes very little sense to even put these statistics together, let alone make your investment decisions based on them.

The real estate market is perhaps more hyper-local than any market in our economy.  This means that not only can you not compare a home in San Diego to a home in Wisconsin but you can't even accurately compare a home in Chula Vista to one in Pacific Beach.

Actually, it goes further.  There are even neighborhoods where you can't compare one type of home to another within the same subdivision .  Take a community like Santaluz, which is a gated golf course community adjacent to Fairbanks Ranch (which despite its proximity to Santaluz is a whole market of its own as well).  Just in that one neighborhood, which is gated, there are custom homes, semi custom homes, track homes, bungalows, and small casitas that sit on the golf course in some cases and in less desirable locations in others.  This is not to mention the European clusters of homes that are also found in the community known as sentinals, some with great views and others without....

Top Twelve Most Expensive Rancho Santa Fe Luxury Homes Currently For Sale

Depending on the year, Rancho Santa Fe may be the most expensive zip code in the country.  It is a prestigious address and home to many of San Diego's rich and famous.  We have put together this resource for you to easily browse the twelve most highly priced Rancho Santa Fe luxury homes currently on the market.  This list will auto update on a daily basis so you can bookmark the page and reference it whenever you like.  Here they are:

View All Rancho Santa Fe Homes For Sale


Alert: Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premiums To Increase April 5th!

FHA buyers should take note that as of April 5, 2010 upfront mortgage insurance premiums will increase.  Insurance premiums are set to go to 2.25% from their current levels of 1.75%.  This is significant change when you consider that the new rate will be  28.5 higher than the current upfront mortgage insurance premium on FHA loans.

If you are in the market for a new home and will be getting an FHA loan you should ask your lender to get you an FHA case number as soon as possible so that you can lock in the current rate.   This usually takes place when the lender gets your loan approved so if that hasn't happened chances are that you do not have a case number yet.  Your lender should be aware of the rate hike and should be willing to work with you in moving quickly.

If you need any help with this you can obviously feel free to call me and I will get you moving in the right direction.  I will also be very happy to speak with your lender and make sure that everything in place for you.


Most Expensive Homes In Coronado

This is a showcase of the most expensive homes currently listed in Coronado.

Sometimes its fun to dream so here we go.....

Most Expensive Coronado Real Estate On The Market.  Coronado Oceanfront Home Listings.