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Arrange Your Annual Real Estate Review to Secure Your Future

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To continue our excellent service to customers, I want to invite you to my office for an annual review of your real estate portfolio. People often have annual reviews of their financial investments, or sit down with their doctor and talk about their health, but very few people sit down with a professional real estate agent and talk about their situation.

Reasons to Review Your Real Estate Portfolio

Sitting down and discussing real estate with a professional is si-highlight--primary because the real estate industry is so local in nature and is subject to very different variables depending on your locale.

  • There is a lot of variation from area to area, and San Diego is no exception. There have been areas that have moved at a 10% greater rate than other areas.
  • Some neighborhoods in San Diego appreciated by 30%, and others appreciated only 12% (although these are both fantastic numbers).
  • Refinancing Opportunities: You'll find that there are an abundance of refinancing opportunities if you sit down with your realtor and find out the true value of your home.
  • Just recently I sat down with a client who thought he was caught up in a 7% interest loan. This person just didn't realize that there was enough appreciation on the home that it could qualify...