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Choose Your San Diego Home Loan

When it comes to San Diego home loans, there are several types geared to fit various needs. Here is important information about some of the most popular ones and why they might work for you. 


  • This is the most popular option, often with the best interest rates
  • Your interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan
  • Your monthly payments remain the same throughout the loan

ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

  • Interest rates typically start out lower and are locked at a set amount for an initial period
  • An interest rate cap sets a limit on how high your interest can go throughout the course of the loan
  • 5% of mortgages were ARM in 2010 compared to 62% in 1984

FHA (Federal Housing Administration)

  • This is a government backed loan that makes it easier for first time buyers to get a home loan
  • Requires a minimum credit score of 580 to qualify for the 3.5% down payment
  • 4.8 million single family FHA mortgages currently in the U.S.

VA LOAN (Veterans Affairs)

  • Only available...

Common San Diego Home Buying Mistakes

Whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced buyer in San Diego, there is still room for mistakes. When it comes to your biggest investment, you don't want to leave anything up to chance. 

Choosing the Wrong San Diego Agent

Choose an agent who knows the location you're interested in and is experienced selling homes in your price range

Being Too Picky

If you expect to find a house that meets all your requirements, you might be searching for a long time. It's important to be willing to compromise a little when it comes to what you need and want in a home.

Buying the First House You See

Even if you fall in love with the first house you look at, it's still a good idea to see what else is out there. You might be surprised to find something even better.

Buying a House That's Not Right for Your Family

There are some things that you should not compromise on. You could end up in a home that is too small for your family or in the wrong area.

Not Seeing the Home as an Investment

Buyers often forget that a home is more than just somewhere you live, it is an investment. It is important to look ahead and consider the future resale value of the home even if you don't plan on selling for a long...

8 Ways to Cut Utilities in San Diego

Here are 8 ways to cut your utility bill this San Diego weather:

1) Crank Her Down and Layer Up

Turning your thermostat down by only 2 degrees will end up saving you $180 per year on your energy bill. 

2) Low-Flow is the Way to Go

A low-flow shower head requires less water and needs less heat to warm the water, not to mention the money you will save. 

3) Clean those Coils

Simply cleaning the condenser coils on your fridge can save you money and increast efficiency. If you are in the market for a new fridge, look for an energy star model.

4) Fix that Filter

Cleaning/changing your furnance filter every two months can increaste its effciency by 50%.

5) Caulk those Cracks

Micro cracks in the edges of your windows can cause some serious inefficiencies. Caulk those cracks and get rid of those drafts. You will conserve heat and save money.

6) Pull the Plug and Save

Did you know that when your electronics are plugged in they are using electricity? Even when you aren't using them! What's the solution? Pull the plug. If you unplug your electronics when you aren't using them, you can save $75 a year. Be sure to...

Planning to Buy or Sell a San Diego Home?

The following list of terms will help you gain familiarity with what will be going on throughout the buying or selling process:

1) Appraisal

The evaluation of a property to determine its price based on previous sales of similar properties.

2) Closing Costs

Expenses incurred in the purchase and sale of property that are paid at the time of closing including: title insurance, attorney fees, appraisal fees, recording fees and taxes.

3) Code of Ethics

A standard of conduct required by license laws and by the National Association of Realtors.

4) Down Payment

The amount of money a buyer pays upfront to purchase the property. This is typically around 10% of the total cost.

5) Earnest Money Deposit

The deposit a buyer makes at the time of submitting an offer to demonstrate the true intent to purchase.

6) Equity

The different between what something is worth and any outstanding mortgage due.

7) Escrow

A third-party account for holding documents and money related to the loan.


10 Holiday Decor Tips

Whether you are decorating your 2-story home or 2-bedroom condo, everyone can use these 10 useful tips:

1) For every ONE foot of tree heights you will need:

  • 100 Lights
  • 9 Feet of Garland
  • 20 Ornaments

2) For a whimsical take on traditional Christmas colors, try pink and teal with silver metallic accents instead or come up with your own unique color combo.

3) Go natural by decorating seasonally rather than holiday-specific. For example: use accents like cinnamon sticks, oranges, pine cones, etc.

4) Bring the wreath inside! A wreath on your front door is nice, but it means you don't get to enjoy it 24/7. Hang one in a window so everybody will see it.

5) Go floral with unconventional Christmas flowers like white amaryllis tinged with green.

6) Upgrade store-bought throw pillows with holiday appliques. Bunch a few together to spell a word like J-O-Y.

7) Don't love the tree skirt you have? Opt for a natural wicker basket—it's the new black!

8) Greet your holiday guests with festive decor in your guest room. A simple garland or holiday pillow will add a great touch.

9) Turn your everyday decor into holiday decor by stringing twinkle lights or sprinkling faux snow on them.


Homeowners Desperate to Sell Home to Move Out of State

These homeowners were putting an offer on their dream home out of state, contingent upon the sale of their home here in San Diego. Needless to say, they were in desperate need of a quick sale.

They interviewed us to learn more about our strategic 5 Day Blitz™ program they kepy hearing about on Jeff and The Showgram on KyXy. They absolutely loved what they learned as it lined up exactly with their needs and tight deadline and so these eager home sellers decided to put their trust in our hands. 

We put the foundation of our marketing and prospecting in motion right away.

Just 4 days after their home was put on the market, the home sold for 106% of the asking price! Our clients were ecstatic their home sold so quickly and for top dollar, giving them plenty of time to move out and into their new Ohio home.

Are you ready to have a quick home sale and break away from the traditional home selling techniques?

Fill out this form or call 858-465-7913 to learn more about how we can GUARANTEE sell your home quickly and for top dollar! 


10 Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

Whether you're preparing to sell your house or just need to rid yourself of unnecessary items, it's important to give all your things a home. De-cluttering can make preparation your home less stressful, and make the moving process faster and easier.

Here is a list of the top 10 things to do to organize your San Diego home:

1) Get Rid of The "Things" in Your Life

When debating on whether to keep things, think about how important that thing is to you on a daily basis. Could it be more useful to someone else?

2) Start Small

Start your organization with a single shelf, drawer or cupboard in your home and don't move on until that is totally cleaned out. Use a "Put Away" bin and "Give Away" bin and grab a trash bag for the things not worthy of being kept.

3) When Have I Used this Last?

Anything you haven't used in the last few years is probably not worth keeping. If it's sentimental, display it in your home or take a photo to keep in your memory. If it's worth money, consider selling it online.

4) Keep "Like" Things Together

Make sure similar items are stored together. It will make it much easier to keep track of things in the long run!

5) Organization in the Kitchen...

7 Tips for Selecting the Best San Diego Real Estate Agent

When it come to choosing real estate agents, we don't always have information that is available about other service professionals. Whether you're buying or selling your home in San Diego, here are some considerations when selecting a real estate agent. 

1) How long have they been in the business?

Take into consideration how long the agent has been involved in San Diego real estate, and what roles they've had. Multiple roles may help the process go a little smoother. Also find out if this is their full time job, or just something they do on the side.

2) Do they have specialties & credentials?

Real estate agents who specialize in condos may not be the best match to sell or purchase a house. 

3) What is their average home sale like? 

Find out how long it takes to make an average sale, and what the initial asking prices were, as well as the final sale prices. This is an indication of how skilled the agent is at priving homes and marketing them.

4) What is their marketing plan?

Find out what marketing plan the agent plans on using. You don't just want a For Sale sign stuck in your front yard, an open house and a classified ad. Look for aggressive, innovative approaches and familiarity with technology. They should be able to speak about potential buyers, and how they will reach them.


San Diego Winter Tips

Keep the Heat! 

High heating bills often cause homeowners to sacrifice their comfort for a little extra cash—but it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some tips for saving money while staying warm this winter:

Storm windows are about $100 each and reduce heat loss by 25% or more—much cheaper than window replacments and the payback time will be in 2 to 5 years.

Attics are about $300 for added insulation, save 40% on energy bills and the payback time will be in 3 to 5 years.

Chimneys are free and such tightly closed dampers prevent up to 8% of furnance-heated air from going up the chimney. The payback time is immediate!

Air leaks cost between $30-$50 for the materials and save 10% or more ($50 to $170 per year) on heating bills. The payback time will be in 6 months to a year.

Energy Star appliances such as fridges ($399), washers ($600) and dishwashers ($230) can save $80 on the fridges, $110 on washers and $30 on dishwashers annually. The payback time will be in 5 years for fridgesm 7 to 8 years for washers and 8 years for dishwashers.

Water heaters are about $750 to install and can save up to $20 on heating hills. Payback time will be in 3 to 4 years.

Heating systems are $75-$100 for a tune-up and save more than 10% on heating bills and up to 10% on ductwork. Payback time will be in 1 heating season.


Client's Rental Property SOLD in Just 9 Days!


The owner of this home was referred to us from a good friend of hers who is an agent in Temecula. After interviewing several other agents first, she decided to list one of her investment homes with Beer Home Team. She was beyond ready to put this home on the market for a quick sale so it was off her plate moving forward. Our team implemented our 5 Day Blitz™ marketing program in full force bringing in over 20 groups of people to the first days of showings! Just 9 days later, the home sold for 99% of the Asking Price! Our client couldn’t have been more happy with the quick and efficient home selling process and the fact she no longer had to worry about her rental property.


Take a few minutes to fill out this form and we will call you ASAP to learn more about your future home sale...