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Verrazzano Real Estate Sales - 2013 Review

Verrazzano, a favorite community of the Daniel Beer Group, had a very interesting 2013, mainly characterized by low inventory.  In fact, there are currently no homes for sale in all of Verrazzano.  Five homes are currently under contract as of the time this blog post was published.  You can get a sense for the Verrazzano real estate market in the graph below.  You will notice that the number of available homes for sale has trended down over the last three years.   Also, please note that the two homes that it shows as coming on the market in November are now in escrow.  Homes are not lasting long on the market.  The average days on market for homes listed in the last three months has been just under 21 days.  Story continued below...

Verrazzano inventory 2013

End of Distressed Sales for Verrazzano

The 2013 story for the community located just off of Camino Del Sur is also one of a market becoming healthy.  The graph below will give you a three year view at all of the REO and short sale activity in the neighborhood.  You will see a trend down as they get cleared out and the market becomes healthy once again. Currently there are two short sales under contract in the community, though both of them came on the market near the start of summer and have just taken a long time going through the short sale approval process.

Verrazzano distressed sales

The Return of the Million Dollar Sale

The above is very good news for the community as this will alleviate a lot of the downward pricing pressure and allow the...

Real Estate Contingencies - Your Escrow Safety Net

Contingencies are one of the key elements of any escrow.  Contingencies are a buyer's protection against losing your earnest money deposit that is usually required to open escrow.   An earnest money deposit should 3% of the purchase price. In a typical San Diego real estate transaction, buyers are given 17 days to remove their contingencies, though the amount of time allotted for contingencies is fully negotiable and can be any amount of time that the buyer and seller agree to.

I find that client's number one worry when in escrow is to protect their deposit until they are sure that they want to go through with the purchase and they have the financing in place.  It has become obvious to me that many people don't quite understand how and when their contingencies are removed.  The most si-highlight--primary thing to keep in mind is that real estate contingencies are actively removed.  This means that you actually have to sign them away.  Until you do this your money is never at risk.

Now let's assume that you are in escrow and have seventeen days to remove contingencies.  However, you fall asleep at the wheel, your agent falls asleep at the wheel (which if you hire me won't happen), and the 17th day comes around and you never removed them nor asked for an extension.  Don't sweat.  Most people become worried that at this point they have lost their protection of their earnest money deposit.  However, what they have forgotten is that contingencies are not passively removed.

They don't ever go away until you actually physically sign that you are removing them.  Yes, in this example you would certainly be violation of your escrow terms, but the seller's only recourse is to exercise their notice to perform, which is set at 24 hours by default but can also be negotiated to any length of time.  Here most people again assume that if they do not...

San Diego Neighborhoods for Young Families

Raising a family can be full of tough choices: Finding the perfect place for your family to live and grow is one of the hardest and most si-highlight--primary decisions you will ever make. With the wonderfully diverse communities, great schools and plentiful opportunities that San Diego has to offer, it can be challenge to decide where to put down roots. Luckily, San Diego has many strong, community-oriented neighborhoods that can provide your family with the perfect start towards a bright and prosperous future.

San Elijo Hills

A masterfully planned community, San Elijo provides a delightful small town atmosphere while enjoying convenient access to everything that San Diego has to offer. Focused on providing a safe and friendly environment for families to live, grow and thrive, San Elijo Hills boasts a 19-acre community park with a soccer field, two baseball fields and plenty of area to play and have picnics. San Elijo Hills features it's own elementary and junior high schools; high school students are able to attend the award-winning San Marcos High School that is located nearby. 

Carmel Valley

Nestled mere minutes from some of California's most breathtaking beaches, Carmel Valley is an affluent planned community with a strong emphasis on community involvement. In addition to providing an excellent residential lifestyle, Carmel Valley features a prosperous assortment of hotels and eateries and supports a well-rounded commercial district. While award-winning schools, large homes and impressive recreational facilities make this neighborhood a practical place to raise a family, the enthusiasm of an already fantastic community constantly working to evolve and improve inspires a connected, positive way of life. 

Unbelievable Aerial Video of #1 Canyon View Santaluz Lot

Watch and be Amazed!  Call 858-755-1999 for all the specs on this premier one of a kind lot in Santaluz.

Now For Sale - Call for Details

Hi I am Daniel Beer and I am so pleased to bring one of the premier lots in all of Santaluz to the market place.  Encendido Lot 1 has long been anticipated for sale beacause of it's unique position situated with 300 degrees of canyon frontage.  It is as if this lot were floating on an island all of its own.  THe opportunity is ideal for those seeking privacy in an intimate setting among the nature that sourrounds this privlidged location, all while being part of San Diego's #1 gated golf course community, Santaluz.  

One of the most unique features of this home site is that the future owner will enjoy a 200 square foot private driveway leading to the property.  Also, it is located in the custom home only section of the community.  The lot, which measures in at just under 3.4 acres is blessed with a spacious 30,400 square foot pad.  Well over the Santaluz average!  This means you can build up to a 9,000 square foot home, including garage, or you can build a smaller home and have a tremendous outdoor space to truly live the Southern California indoor/outdoor lifestyle.  This home site also does allow for a second story.  

For more details on the endless possibilities this home site provides, please call me, Daniel Beer, for a private tour.  There simply may not be anything left in all of San Diego County that provides everything that this lot offers.  So let's get moving!  And enjoy the video.