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The Key to Selecting the Best Listing Agent

The difference between the market’s list-to-sale price ratio and your prospective agent’s list-to-sale price ratio will let you know if that agent will net you the most money from your home sale.

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How do you pick the right agent to help you sell your home for the highest possible price?

No one ever teaches you how to interview a listing agent. What attributes actually make a difference and what’s just smoke and mirrors? Every agent claims they’re No. 1, but how can you know who to trust?

There is one number that influences everything else sellers care about in their home sale: how much money they’ll net from that sale. There are a lot of questions sellers typically ask, but they all boil down to that factor.

When picking a listing agent, then, there are two numbers you have to know: the list-to-sale price ratio for the market and the list-to-sale price ratio for your prospective agent.

"Don’t pick an agent just because they offer a discount."

Right now in San Diego County, the average list-to-sale price ratio is 97%. This means if a home is listed for $100,000, it’s selling for $97,000. Keep in mind, though, that’s just the average—there are people selling below that percentage and above it. Year to date, our brokerage’s average list-to-sale price ratio is 99.8%, which is 2.8% above the market ratio.

So, when you...

Chula Vista Home Sold in 5 Days for 102.7% of Ask!

These Chula Vista homeowners were referred to our team through their cousin whose home we helped sell in September of this year. They needed the same experience their cousin received which involved a quick, successful sale plus assistance with purchasing a property in the area. Finding a new home was crucial because they wanted to put an offer on a home they loved before thinking of selling. Luckily, through the help of our sales team, they found a home sooner than expected and with that they moved forward with a number of suggested home improvements to prepare their home for the market. Just 6 days after the first day of showings, the home sold for 102.7% of the asking price! 

“Really enjoyed working with Dan and his amazing team. Everyone one was very responsive and always had our best interests in mind. They made selling our house the easiest real estate transaction we have ever experienced. We are looking forward to re engaging with the when we are ready to rebuy into the market.”

-Jeffrey and Deborah R. | Home Sold in Del Sur in 5 Days for 103.3% of Ask!


4S Ranch Home Sold in 6 Days for 100.6% of Ask!

Client Success Story

We had originally met these 4S Ranch homeowners at a San Diego Home Selling Workshop that is hosted monthly across the county. They were impressed with what they learned and so decided to implement the 5 Day Blitz™ program for the sale of their own home because they needed a proven process to get their home sold quickly and for top dollar as they were in the midst of retiring. On the flip side, they were searching for a ranch-style home in a community that did not require HOA fees. We were not only able to sell their home in 6 days for 100.6% of the asking price, but we helped them find their new home in a community that fit their wants and needs.

“Couldn’t be happier. Their process is a bit different than what I experienced in the past with other agents. They are very aggressive about marketing before the home goes on the market which made for a very successful grand opening. I can recommend the Beer Home Team without reservation and would choose them again without question. They exceeded my expectations.”

– Ari G., Santaluz Home Sold in May 2017 in 5 Days