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Adding Personality to Your New Home

Renovations to Personalize the HomeIt's true that homes can be "Plain Janes" when you first move into them. But even the most boring of homes have the potential become beauties with a bit of imagination and some simple enhancements.

If the rooms in your home lack personality, consider adding interest with easy to install features like built-in bookcases, window seats, faux raised paneling, chair rail and ceiling molding. Not only will they add architectural interest to your spaces, but they will add value to your property. Whether you're after period charm or contemporary pizzazz, you can also control clutter or corral collections with easy to accomplish, cost-effective solutions.

Missing Personality in Your Home?

If the square footage and general dimensions of the rooms in your new home meet your needs but don't excite you, analyze what you find appealing in other spaces and places. Like that wall at Starbucks or your friends living room? Determine what it is you like, and consider it for your home. Add personality by painting a wall or adding pattern with drapery fabric, graphic art or patterned rugs. 

But if you yearn for a more finished look or you find the architecture a little bland, consider adding crown molding at the ceiling line, a chair rail for the midsection of the walls, substantial baseboard at floor level or rosettes and corner details for drama. Even for modern surroundings, one can...

This Week's Client Success Story

This homeowner attended one of our Home Selling Workshops and loved what she heard, so decided to choose Dan Beer as her real estate agent. With a contingent offers out on another home, she needed this home sold fast to close escrow within 60 days.

One week later, the home was staged and photographed to be put on the market. Our team implemented our 5 Day Blitz™ program, which brought over 35 groups of people to the first day of showings. 

Just 6 days and multiple offers later, the home sold for OVER the asking price! 

Your home could be next! Just call us at 858-755-1999 today!


4 Things to Watch for Before You Buy Your Next Home

Monitoring Home Sales and Market DataIf you are thinking of buying a home some time in the near future, you will want to be prepared. Even though you may spend a great deal of time ensuring that you personally are ready, it is just as important to confirm that the current real estate market is suited to your needs.

Here are four aspects of the home buying process to ensure a better overall investment.

If you have questions about your personal financial situation, ask your lender and/or a financial advisor what buying a new home could mean for you.

Asking Home Prices in Your Preferred Neighborhoods

The last thing that you want to do as a new home buyer is to find yourself priced out of a particular neighborhood. In some parts of the country, prices can shoot up rapidly in a very short period of time. Nationwide, the average price of homes increased by 6 percent from May 2016 to June 2016. That may not seem like a lot, until you realize that 6 percent on a $250,000 home is $15,000.

In some cities, double-digit growth over a period of a few years means that homes may be hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they were in 2011 or 2012. Select the neighborhoods that you prefer, and understand how the asking prices in are trending. That will give you a better sense of when to buy.

Dramatic Price Increases in Comparable Neighborhoods

In some cases, dramatic asking prices for...

What Does A Trump Presidency Mean For Housing?

by Daniel Beer

There was very little talk about housing throughout the election, unlike in 2012 when it was a major focus.  Despite that truth, housing is set to be majorly impacted by the new administration. Admittedly, much more than I had considered or believed to be true just a short time ago.

There are major components at play that look to greatly impact our local housing market, especially being a coastal Southern California city.  The way the environment is shaping out is largely driven off of inflationary rhetoric, financial deregulation and uncertainty.  Let’s explore each.

But first, if at any time you want to have a conversation about the housing outlook and how it affects your personal situation, please reach out and we will do so privately. 

Higher interest rates have already begun.  In fact, as of the time I am writing this article on November 15, 2016, interest rates a half point higher than the day prior to the election.  That is a massive change in a short amount of time.  So why is this happening?

There is general sentiment in the equity markets that Trump will establish pro-growth policy that should push equities higher.  So as of the time of this article being written, stocks are up dramatically.  But at the same time, much of the money flowing into stocks has been coming out of the bond market, which has pushed the benchmark 10-year treasury note higher along...

4th Quarter Del Sur Market Snapshot

2016 4th Quarter Del Sur Market Snap Shot and Trends 

By Brian Danney

Over the course of the past few months, buyers looking to establish themselves in Del Sur have paved new themes and trends in the marketplace. With limited inventory available, buyers are coming in quick and aggressive to secure their position for their desired home. This is especially true for homes that have particular features and floor plans.

Specifically in the Del Sur area, it has been a very active market the past three months. In total, there have been fifty-four homes placed on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) as Active, Pending or Sold status.  Of those fifty-four homes, six are newly constructed (standing inventory), which implies new build options are shrinking. Meanwhile, twenty-two of the fifty-four homes had casitas, optional bedrooms or full bed/bath downstairs. This has been more than 40% of the activity. Other trends include floor plans with five bedrooms, which accounted for nine homes that went under contract. It's important to note that these floor plans averaged around thirty-eight days on market. To no one’s surprise, thirty-four of the homes were priced under $850K. Thirteen of those were three-bedroom floor plans.  

Given the recent trends in Del Sur, I expect homes to continue to drive the supply and demand as it's a highly sought after neighborhood. I wouldn't be surprised to see minimal new inventory and less time on the market as we head into the First Quarter of 2017. If you have any questions regarding...

Client Success Story

This Week's Client Success Story

Right off the bat, these Rancho Bernardo homeowners let us know they wanted to work with an agent who could sell their home quickly and for top dollar because they already planning their next chapter in life in Dwight, Illinois. After interviewing multiple other agents, the owners decided to list their home with Beer Home Team because of how much they loved the 5 Day Blitz™ marketing program.

Our unique and iconic program brought in over 45 groups of people to the first day of showings AND multiple offers. The home sold just 4 days later for 104% of the asking price! The owners were ecstatic to find out they could move to their new hometown sooner than they hoped and with more return than they ever expected. 

Call for proof! 



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6 Tips for Buying an Older Home

What to Look for in an Older HomeO lder homes have the potential to be great, but buyers looking for an older home must be careful when making their purchase. Some older properties can be a drain on financial resources, which can reduce the potential for return on investment.

As a buyer of an older property, knowing how to avoid the pitfalls and how to prepare yourself for ownership of an older home can help you make the most of your investment.

Get Multiple Inspections

Schedule multiple inspections of the property as soon as it makes sense. Remember that standard home inspectors may not look at all systems of the house. Fireplaces, chimneys and sewers often fall outside the purview of a standard home inspector.

Find out which systems your home inspector will examine and which systems your home inspector will not assess, then make arrangements to have those other systems examined by experts. 

Some of the major systems of your home, like the roof and windows, are so costly to repair or replace that you may want to get an expert opinion in addition to a standard home inspection. Doing this will give you an additional level of security that will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Budget for Upgrades

Older plumbing systems and electrical systems frequently fail to meet the needs of modern homeowners. Old pipes tend to break when undergoing changes and repairs, while an older electrical service may not deliver enough power to modern appliances....

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