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Reflections From a Day in Houston

By Daniel Beer

It has now been over a month since I returned from our experience in Houston to help with the relief efforts along with our Director of Sales, Derek Marshall.  I have spent countless hours thinking about what I saw, the people who were affected, and the devastation that just can’t be accurately captured at scale on television.

I had seen the damage on the news and read about it online, but actually seeing it all in person with my very own eyes was incredibly overwhelming. It was hard to believe all of the damage that had happened to so many innocent families just a 3-hour flight away from our home.

We began our day in Austin at 6:00 A.M. and made our way to the local Convention Center where we jumped on a bus and had a 2.5-hour drive to a Houston suburb known as Katy that had been devastated.

Something I hadn’t realized was that every year Houston has areas that flood as it is a flood-prone area. However, Katy was not categorized as a flood zone and had never been flooded before.

Katy came to be flooded because there was so much water in all of the dams and levees from the heavy amounts of rain that the city was left with the decision to either let these overflow and burst massive amounts of water towards Downtown Houston, the heart of the city, or direct the water elsewhere and essentially sacrifice other neighborhoods. They had no choice but to direct the water towards Katy, which caused unimaginable damage to a beautiful community.

Being that Katy was not considered a flood zone, no one had flood insurance. All of the damage done was being taken directly out of the homeowners’...