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Market Positioning Report

Professional Home Sellers Use a Market Positioning Report - Throw Out the Comps!

By Daniel Beer


Forget about the traditional home valuation, CMA, comps and other basic tools that any agent can provide straight out of real estate school with a couple clicks of a mouse.  This information only looks at the past but does not look at other critical measures of where the market is moving and how to intelligently position your home into that market.

Throw out the Zestimates and other online auto generated nonsense valuations.  Do you really think that Zillow knows what your interior looks like?  If you have a view of the mountains, ocean or a busy road and how those values differ?  Do you think Zillow understands that your property is on a slightly higher elevation than your neighbor so your view line clears the home behind you but your neighbor’s does not?  Do they know about your new kitchen remodel?  Answer is obvious.

Professional home sellers never look at or care for any of these basic tools that are used by the masses.  It is a professional Market Positioning Report that matters and it is the only way to gain a strategic advantage over all your competing neighbor sellers who are only looking at the comps, CMA’s and online valuations.

A Market Positioning Report, which you can request at no charge at all, distinguishes itself from what all the other masses of people use in that it takes into account the direction the market...

How Can a Market Positioning Report Help You?

We are here to debunk the way everyone out there goes about figuring out what their home’s value is. The way people have been doing it is entirely broken. It all starts with the agents.

Our industry has not served you if all we are doing is peddling comparable properties; we sound like broken records. Of course, you want to see the comps so you can figure out your home’s value, but that is not the way to strategically position yourself for sale.

The way to do that is not with comps or an online evaluation, it’s with a Market Positioning Report. That’s the only way to intelligently position yourself in the market with a strategic intent of getting a negotiation advantage over the buyer by using their psychology in your favor. It’s the concept of Virtual Shelf Space™, a term we coined that illustrates the goal in trying to figure out how to use price as one of the elements to support a greater and proven process of your marketing plan.

Price can’t be the only thing you focus on. There has to be a complementary system, which includes a market positioning report that can illustrate and highlight where you should be position yourself in the market. You have to understand what things are going to look like moving forward as well. There is a lot you have to understand, including your competition, the absorption rate, the average days on market, and how to utilize your virtual shelf space.

The Market Positioning Report is something we would be happy to provide for you with no obligation. All you have to do is visit

Getting Your First Mortgage: Are Your Finances Ready?

First Time Mortgage ApplicationGetting a mortgage to buy a home for the first time is often exciting, but it can also be stressful. If finances are not in order, it can become very difficult or even impossible to get a mortgage that allows for the type and size of home you may be considered, as well.

Fortunately, finances can often be worked on before a mortgage application is completed. But in order to do that, it is necessary to know what changes can and should be made to maximize mortgage opportunities and home buying power. Even simple mistakes can be costly when applying for a mortgage.

In most cases, looking into a mortgage and determining borrowing power should be done before beginning to look for a house - as long before as possible. Researching your home buying power long before you begin searching for a home, is usually the best approach for buying your first home.

Nothing is worse than shopping first and falling in love with a home that is out of your price range. Many people are uncertain how much they can actually borrow, and they start looking at houses before they have looked at their budget. That leads to a lot of disappointment when they go to a mortgage lender to apply.

Here are some ways to get finances ready to apply for a mortgage.

Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

Anyone who plans to get a mortgage should be able to get a free copy of their credit report from all three of the bureaus...

Funding College Through Real Estate Investment

I want to give you a different way to think about college savings. How can you have a bunch of cash readily available for your kids' college? Here's a strategy that will help you save for a bachelor's degree, master's degree, and even a Ph.D. 

It's simple if you think about it in terms of real estate investments. If you purchase one property for each kid (and it doesn't even have to be here in San Diego County), by the time they're 18 years old and headed off to college, you would have an abundant amount of equity.

The best part is that you'll have a tenant paying the mortgage for you. The amazing thing is that we literally live in a world where if you put down 25 cents for every dollar, a bank will give you 75 cents and charge you about 3.5% on investment property interest rates. Then, you're going to have a tenant who will act and feel like the owner, when in reality, they're paying off your mortgage.

Say you bought a home worth $300,000 and you put 25% (or $75,000) down and have a tenant for 18 years. If we look at prices and values historically, over that 18 years, the value of that house is going to have doubled, roughly. Now, we're talking about a $600,000 house with a ton of the mortgage having been paid off. On the $225,000 you borrowed, you now likely only owe about $125,000. In this scenario, you'd have roughly...

Daniel Beer Group Temecula Valley Wine Tasting Event

Thank You for Attending our Temecula Valley Wine Tasting Event!

Our team had so much fun with everyone at our Temecula Valley Wine Tasting event! We would like to thank all of you who sent cards, e-cards and flowers to show your appreciation. Truly, the only thank you we could ever ask for is a 5-Star Zillow Review. Words cannot begin to describe how much this means to us!

Link to Daniel Beer Group 5-Star Zillow Review Page

Thank you so much in advance and looking forward to seeing you at our next big event!


What to Look for When Shopping for an Accessible Home

Home AccessibilityIf you or someone you love have a disability that limits range of motion or makes performing some tasks difficult, you're likely already intimately familiar with just how challenging it can be to work around a home that isn't designed to be accessible.

Even if you're in perfect health today, it's still a good idea to know what to look for in an accessible home. 

The good news is that buying a home with accessibility features is easier than ever. In fact, many builders voluntarily follow standards of "Universal Design", to make new construction more accessible to all. If you're interested in making life easier for yourself or that someone special who needs some extra care, here's what you should look for when shopping for an accessible home:

Single-Story Homes

A ranch-style home is the easiest choice for families on the lookout for accessibility, since it does away with the need to negotiate stairs on a daily basis. If you are previewing 2+ story homes, make sure there's at least one bedroom and a full bathroom on the ground floor.

Basement-Free Infrastructure

Many traditional homes are built with a basement. Often the basement is used to house the electrical panel, water heater and furnace. In some basement homes, the washer and dryer are also located down the stairs in the basement.

To keep things easy to reach, consider homes that utilize a utility room or an attached garage for these items and not a basement home.

Easy Shower...

6 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Selling

Selling Homes QuicklyDid you know the typical home stays on the market for four weeks before being sold? The selling process can often be as or more stressful as finding a new home, but you can eliminate some of that stress by avoiding common pitfalls.

Avoid the six biggest mistakes home sellers make so you can make the sale and move on to the next chapter of your life. This can mean the difference between having your home sit on the market and a quicker sale that meets or even exceeds your asking price.

1. Not Dealing With Clutter, Grime, and Odors

One of the biggest turn-offs for potential homebuyers is a house that's cluttered, dirty, and filled with odd or unpleasant odors. When placing your home on the market for sale, the best practice always is to put its best "face" forward.

Buyers also prefer homes without personal items strewn about, and homes that are clean with pleasant smells (but make sure not to go overboard with scents!). Even if your home isn't move-in ready, and is in need of minor or major renovations, there's no reason it can't be clean.

2. Staying in the Home During Showings

It can be tempting to want to stay and tell potential buyers about the many wonderful features of your home. However, this is rarely a good idea. Let your real estate agent show your home.

He or she will answer any questions the potential homebuyers have and will ensure that all the important selling points are...