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Location, Location, Location – Prime Real Estate in Iconic Hollywood Homes

We as a society are obsessed with celebrities and Hollywood glitz and glamour. “Location, location, location” is a term used in real estate sales. A home can be dressed up and changed, but its location can never be changed… or can it? The status of some properties are greatly elevated, and become more than prime real estate after being used in a TV show or movie.

There are many homes have become icons thanks to the TV shows and movies that have made them famous. Here are some real homes that have been used in some of our favorite recognizable movies. It’s interesting to see how the home was used for the movie, home sale prices, current home status and trivial bits of information.

Many famous houses and apartment buildings are available for fans to tour. The apartments used in Sex and the City and Friends, as well as the houses used in Mrs. Doubtfire, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House… just to name a few. Fans can visit to get the experience of the lives of their favorite characters, if even for a minute. For more serious fans, they can purchase the property if it ends up on the market.


San Diego Driving - Save Money on Car Maintenance Costs

Some times your car just breaks, other times it’s from years of misuse!  Avoid the five most common “bad car habits” that wear down your vehicle and save thousands in car repair bills:

  1. Running too low on gas: Some auto mechanics say the sediments in your gas tank will be pulled into your system and ruin your fuel injector! The truth is you should fuel up before hitting empty even if those mechanics are wrong.  You’ll prolong the life of your fuel pump because the pump gets overheated easily when it’s pumping from an empty tank.  Average fuel pump repair cost: $450 to $680.
  1. Not using the parking brake: Parking on even a slight incline without a parking brake will stress your transmission.  There’s a tiny pin in the transmission that holds your car still, so stopping the transmission from moving with your parking brake takes the pressure off that delicate part.  Make sure you disengage the brake before you drive away! Future transmission replacement cost: $1,300 to $3,500.
  1. Not coming to a complete stop before shifting: Your transmission is a set of gears.  When you shift between “reverse” to “drive” without stopping, the transmission acts as a brake, stressing those gears.  Transmissions are not cheap repairs so it’s worth it to take the few extra seconds to come to a stop.  See #2 for transmission cost.
  1. Riding the brakes driving downhill: You can wear your brakes out quickly by keeping that brake pedal pressed to the floor.  Too much of this can even make your brake pads and brake fluid so hot that you’ll lose your brakes completely.  Downshift instead to slow your car down hills.  Average brake pad and rotor replacement cost: $300 to $400.

7895 Entrada De Luz E - Enchanted Santaluz Estate

Welcome to your perfect home in the perfect Santaluz location, where you can watch hot air balloons rising at dusk all the way out to the ocean. Entertain in your enchanted courtyard with fountain, fireplace and built in bbq next to the meticulously up kept landscape. The inviting main house is single level with a second family room and three bedrooms, including the master suite that opens directly to the Italian Villa style pool inspired by frequent trips to Tuscany. Two guest casitas, art studio, and full exercise room complete with mirrored walls round out this estate style home!


Approval First, Search Second - Buying Real Estate in San Diego

A crucial element in the beginning stages of a home search when financing is speaking with a lender. As a buyers agent, this piece of information can ultimately dictate which communities and size are recommended as the best fit for a buyer in their San Diego real estate search. We always recommend that potential buyers engage with a lender prior to looking at homes.

Most buyers have a general idea of what price point they would like to focus on however; their desired range may not always be accurate. A buyer’s understanding of the variety of lending programs, percentage down options, and even interest rates can impact what price a buyer will feel most comfortable with. Price points can fluctuate and open the door to additional inventory so that the buyer doesn’t feel they have limited options when making a major life decision for either themselves or their family.  

It is advised to have a preliminary conversation with a lender in order to determine an accurate price range prior to investing the valuable time spent on looking at homes. Buyers that neglect this step may set the wrong expectations for themselves, and ultimately head down a road in which their focus, time, and energy has been spent in the wrong areas and with wasted efforts. 

For information regarding our preferred lenders and market information, please contact our office at 858-465-7899.


Conquering Clutter - Preparing to Sell Your San Diego Home

The New Year allows us a refreshing start across the board in aspects of our lives we want to improve, aka New Year's Resolutions. Health. Relationships. Basically, a life reboot. One large piece is taking charge of our home, and tackling clutter that has accumulated in the previous year, or years for some. It is a great way to toss out the old and get on with the new.

Here are some great home organization tips using things you more than likely already have around the house.