Location, Location, Location – Prime Real Estate in Iconic Hollywood Homes

We as a society are obsessed with celebrities and Hollywood glitz and glamour. “Location, location, location” is a term used in real estate sales. A home can be dressed up and changed, but its location can never be changed… or can it? The status of some properties are greatly elevated, and become more than prime real estate after being used in a TV show or movie.

There are many homes have become icons thanks to the TV shows and movies that have made them famous. Here are some real homes that have been used in some of our favorite recognizable movies. It’s interesting to see how the home was used for the movie, home sale prices, current home status and trivial bits of information.

Many famous houses and apartment buildings are available for fans to tour. The apartments used in Sex and the City and Friends, as well as the houses used in Mrs. Doubtfire, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House… just to name a few. Fans can visit to get the experience of the lives of their favorite characters, if even for a minute. For more serious fans, they can purchase the property if it ends up on the market.

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