Local Service Improving Life for Seniors

By Dan Beer

     The late physicist, Stephen Hawking, liked to peer about the universe and note that the only thing for certain is change. Not only is that true in science, but also in life. So, we can thank the stars there are people like Sandi Menderson who make the lives of hundreds of Seniors immeasurably happier each year.

     One of the most logistically difficult things mature citizens go through is moving from a home they were part of for many years to an apartment, smaller home, or communal living. Sandi has solved this universally vexing situation by the exquisite services she provides through her brainchild, Bella Reflections. It came to be, as necessity proved to be the mother of invention once again, when her mother developed Parkinson’s and her father was not able to care for her. Sandi moved them from a distant town to San Diego. Her mother passed away soon after and her dad moved three times before finally settling into the right place.

     Close-up and first hand, Sandi saw a need for professional, compassionate services to help our older family and friends transition through these trying times. Having gained rich experience from years of staging homes and decorating for clients of realtors, volunteering at Children’s Hospital, sitting on the Board of a Senior Community, and achieving Certification as Senior Move Manager, Bella Reflections immediately flourished. Its sole purpose is to care for Seniors with the most comprehensive set of services anyone could imagine as folks moved from one living arrangement to another. In a service economy such as ours, I realize that’s a big claim, but just read on!

     Bella’s Senior Relocation is soup to nuts. Sandi and staff create the plan, including a realistic, stress-free timetable and custom check list developed with the you, the clients. Sandi’s hand-picked specialists perform many functions, foremost of which is finding the ideal community for your needs and lifestyle. Other specially-trained pros compassionately sort your belongings with you, a dreaded chore most would like to avoid. With Sandi’s Super Staff it can become enjoyable and even cathartic deciding what to keep, what to family and friends, and what to donate. Bella will handle shipping or selling unneeded items. Once this is completed, things go into motion.

     Bella’s movers are professional tradespersons. Moving furniture and personal items is a high skill and her pros are nearly innocuous, careful, and efficient. Sandi personally directs the placement of the furniture from the plan developed with you in step one. She and her staff unpack personal items and arrange them in their new spaces using photographs taken in your previous home. This gives a wonderful sense of familiarity in your new abode. Especially valuable is the team’s careful connection of computers, television, stereos, phones, clocks, and small appliances.

     When the job is done, the team removes all the boxes and moving materials, and provides you with a list of qualified local businesses and services you will need as you settle in your new home.

     Sandi’s Bella Reflections also can help you stay in your current home with a program she calls Aging in Place. The team unclutters, organizes, thins-out the build-up of just plain stuff we all acquire. Her tips and recommendations are invaluable for getting the most out of your personal space. Lastly, Bella partners with Time to Cover Your Assets to provide you with a professional inventory of your estate via files, photos, and videos.

     If you, your parents, or any Seniors you know are considering a move and feel even slightly overwhelmed, we recommend a call to Bella Reflections. My office and I have firsthand experience watching Sandi and her team at work – they are an excellent group of highly skilled and respectful folks.

     For a complimentary Senior Relocation consult, please contact Bella Reflections at 858.442.0103 or bellareflectionseniors.com.

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