How to Find Short Sales That Can Close Quickly

Short sales can be frustrating for buyers due to the amount of time it takes to buy a short sale and the uncertainty involved. However, there are things that your agent can do for you to help you focus on short sales with a high probability of responding and closing quickly.

The trick is to have your agent filter MLS search results to show only homes that have short sale approval, which in San Diego is easily done. Not sure about other areas. Usually, if I have a client that wants to find a property that they can purchase quickly I add the sales restrictions field to my search and filter so only homes that have short sale approval, REO's, and no restrictions will show up in my results. This yields properties that can move quickly.

So if your agent is bombarding you with a bunch of property listings that are at the infancy stage of the short sale process and you are becoming tired of it just ask your agent to do what I describe here. Better yet, call me and I will do it for you.

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