Home Selling Workshop Success Story

Hear what one of the attendees had to say about her experience at San Diego's Home Selling Workshop in fall of 2015! These workshops were extremely successful and this is just one of the many positive testimonials we received from all of those who participated.

This year’s first round of San Diego’s FREE Home Selling Workshops presented by The Daniel Beer Group are less than a week away! Seats are limited and filling up quickly, so be sure to register TODAY here or by calling 1-888-996-0239.

We are thrilled to share how you can get your home sold within 5 days of going on the market and net upwards of $62,400 by using the 5 Day Blitz™ program rather than using the methods employed by traditional real estate agents.

Register for FREE today!  1-888-996-0239     |     www.sandiegoworkshops.com

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