Crushing San Diego Home Inspection Myths

Home inspections for any real estate purchase or sale are one of the most si-highlight--primary things that need to be done.  We recommend that any San Diego home buyer get an inspection done and to always make sure that it is from a professional and outstanding company that has a proven track record of doing great work and is part of one of the two California trade associations for home inspectors. 

For us at the Daniel Beer Group, the gold standard in home inspection companies is John Robinson Inspection Group, but, whoever you choose to work with, make sure that you are working with an excellent home inspector. 

Below we look at the following issues:  Not all home inspectors and certification programs are created equal.  Should both newer and old homes be inspected? What exactly is covered during a home inspection? Making sure you are working with a neutral third party inspector that is giving objective and fair analysis of their findings.  Understanding that after a home inspection and a repair request process that there may still be (and likely will be) some items left to be addressed.  Understanding the relationship between your inspection report and the value of your home.

San Diego home inspection myths

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