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Sellers need to get a full market response if they want to get “the most the market can bear.” But there’s something you should know about that promise.

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Today I want to talk about one thing that sellers really need to be after: a full market response.

What’s consistently striking to me as I travel around to train agents, as well as what I notice in the marketplace, is that real estate agents promise home sellers “the most the market will bear in the shortest amount of time.” It’s the same tired promise that’s frequently made but seldom delivered.

The traditional showing model of having private, individual appointments for buyers to come peruse your house is broken and fundamentally unable to deliver on the promise “the most the market will bear” because the market is never delivered to your home in a way where buyers are forced to compete with each other.

It’s only in understanding that what you truly need is to have a full market response in order for buyers to be forced into competition. That will allow “the most the market will bear” to emerge. That’s what a home sale is about.

"How can you orchestrate the situation so that the entire buyer population is competing for your property?" In the marketplace, we consistently see real estate agents running into one of two problems:

One is that they say they’ll communicate the property to every possible buyer in the marketplace, but they simply don’t. It’s not a promise they can actually deliver on because they don’t have the resources to do so. They don’t have the 22-person operation that we have, where they’re in the office at 8:00 A.M. with their sales team making phone calls to prospect your property out to the public. When they make this promise to you, I’d ask them how they intend to deliver on it.

If they’re going to be making all of those phone calls themselves, then they won’t have the ability to be out in the field, gaining the experience they need in order to expertly serve you. If all I was doing was making hundreds of outbound phone calls every day, I wouldn’t have the sales experience to have sold over 400 houses in the past two years. We know how to navigate issues when they pop up and we know how to keep the most money in your pocket.

Delivering on the agent’s promise to get you the “most the market will bear” falls on you. You must vet who you hire and determine how, if at all, they can use their resources and time  to help you succeed.

There’s a reason the Beer Home Team is an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company in America; there’s a reason we’ve been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as being among the Top 150 teams in the nation.

If we can serve you or answer your questions about buying and selling, reach out to us and we’ll jump on top of it. We are here to serve.

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