Top Security Technologies Gated Communities are Using in San Diego

Security Technology For San Diego Gated CommunitiesMany of the best multi-unit communities to live at or invest in are gated communities in San Diego.

It is understandable why such a living arrangement is so appealing for so many. A community gate provides a sense of security and privacy above and beyond what is expected in an open area.

By implementing the most recent security technologies, these communities are increasing residents’ peace of mind even more.

Keep reading to learn all about the latest and great security technology found in gated multi-unit communities.

Communal Security Technology

For all types of gated communities, integrating cyber security and physical security protocols is essential for the modern-day complex. Not only should the technology be able to deal with all potential risks and threats, but it should be streamlined and easy to access to remove any notion of stress when it comes to keeping everyone safe. The following systems combine physical and digital solutions to ensure community safety.

Video Intercom Systems

A robust and efficient video intercom is an essential security tool for the modern gated complex. These have a significant advantage over other intercom systems, including voice-only ones. They are essentially video security systems that allow visual verification of a visitor’s identity before access to the complex is granted.

At the entry point to the complex, a visitor must search for the name of whomever they wish to visit. A resident will be able to see who is attempting to gain entry once the connection has been made, and only once they are satisfied will they grant access.

Many video intercom systems can integrate with other technologies and processes. They can store and record images of each visitor as a safeguard against potential security breaches. They are also optimized for remote and mobile functionality, where access can still be granted to a space even if a resident is not physically on the property.

Access Control

Many gated communities have an access control system in place, though modern complexes have gone one step further by implementing remote control access. Touchless door access through a mobile phone and remote management capabilities makes it difficult for unauthorized personnel to enter while also being far more hygienic than older processes.

Cloud-based technology also allows credentials to be updated without a site manager being present. These credentials should also be configured to grant users access to spaces in the building that have restricted access, such as bike sheds.

Efficient Visitor Management

Many modern complexes are built with a dedicated concierge space for a seamless and convenient visitor checking at the front desk. While there is the obvious benefit of having the additional human presence as a deterrent for those attempting to gain unwanted entry, most have systems in place so that all visitors must be logged and accounted for.

Personal Security Systems

Not only will you want efficient security technologies for the complex as a whole, but you should also look to make sure your home space is as safeguarded as possible. Many units within gated communities are turning to the following security tips to achieve this.

Motion Sensors

These are small electronic devices designed to detect movement. Many are also equipped with recording capabilities. They are typically embedded within other physical security systems, and many are designed to perform additional functions such as raising alarms and activating lights.

Door and Window Sensors

These sensors are set up on doors and windows. They are made up of a sensor and a magnet, with the two parts acting in tandem to alert when a door or window has been unexpectedly opened.

Many modern sensors are also equipped with remote technology, whereby they will send an alert if the user is out of the house. This will immediately inform them that potential unwanted activity is occurring in their residence.

Look For These Security Sytems In a Gated Community

Gated multi-unit community areas are quickly and efficiently transitioning into a smart world. The seemingly limitless potential of wireless communication and cloud-based technologies means that security systems are becoming more refined with each passing year. Prioritize your peace of mind by choosing a gated community that knows the value of the latest technology.

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