Front Door Make Over Infographic - Have Fun and Increase Value

Your San Diego front door is probably much like your neighbor's.  Or worse yet, you may not have kept it up in great shape.  That is especially true for those of you in coastal communities like Del Mar or Carlsbad where the beautiful Pacific Ocean does you no favors as far as upkeep is concerned.  That salty air can be brutal on the exterior of your home.

For those reasons and more, you may want to consider a renewed investment in your front door.  Adding color and a fresh look can do wonders for your curb appeal, especially in the cookie cutter world that most of us now live in.  Just make sure you do it with taste that isn't overly unique to only you so that it will appeal to a home buyer.

In this infographic we consider color, stain, unique appeal, and accessories as a way to make a statement with your front door. Enjoy and don't forget to give your front door some love!

San Diego Front Door Infographic

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