Four Big Santaluz Lot Sales Nobody Knows About

Santaluz had a huge October without anyone noticing.  Few people are aware of the fact that three vacant lots sold at $1,500,000 and another at $1,100,000.  Yes I said vacant lots and all in October of 2010.

How could it be that nobody would notice sales of that magnitude?  Well the three that sold at $1,500,000 occured off the San Diego MLS and were never listed for sale at all.  The one that sold at $1,100,000 was surely recognized by  some of the area's agents as that was the only one that was reported in the MLS.

So what kind of property in Santaluz commands that kind of price?  Two of the lots that sold for $1.5 million meassured only about an acre but they have the highest and most incredible views in all of Santaluz.  They are also located on a small cul-de-sac with only four home sites so the location carries a premium.  Earlier this year, I actually represented the buyer on one of the street's vacant lots and that one was purchased for $1,180,000.

The third property that sold at $1.5 million is located along the Santaluz golf course and faces north with a great view of the golf course lake and the mountains beyond.  Most si-highlight--primaryly, it is a three acre parcel, which makes it one of a kind in Santaluz.

The fourth property, which is the one that was reported in the MLS, is located on Doug Hill.  This property has long been a favorite of mine with it's increible and diverse views.   You can see golf, mountains, lake, and ocean from this Santaluz home site.

All in all, the Santaluz vacant land market has had an interesting year.  It seems like only the very least expensive lots and the most expensive lots have sold.  This tells me that people are either looking for massive deals or they are looking for the very best of the best for their families to build a great home on a lot that would have been much more expensive only a couple years back.

However, with almost then million dollar lot sales, it has to be viewed as a very successful year for the Santaluz vacant land market.

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