For Sale by Owner in San Diego

The amount of time your San Diego home is on the market, the stress levels involved, and the selling price of your home can all be affected if you decide not to use a realtor to sell your home.

The average selling price of a home sold by the owners in San Diego is approximately $40,000 lower than a home sold by realtors. Realtors have access to local market data about recent sales, and other listed homes in your area. Realtors also know negotiate a contract on your behalf that will give you the best outcome.

Realtors on average sell homes 19 days faster than owners. They have more availability than you to when it comes to inquiries, showings, and feedback from buyers. They also have professional marketing expertise, and buyers typically feel more comfortable viewing a home without the owner present.

When it comes to the stress of selling your San Diego home, legal and financing issues are the most stressful things to deal with if you’re selling it yourself. Owners deal with 70% more stress when selling their homes themselves. Experienced realtors have the expertise to handle these situations, and they are able to screen for qualified buyers so that you’re not wasting time on unrealistic buyers.

Realtors in San Diego look at your home objectively, and know what appeals to potential buyers. Using a realtor to sell your home rather than doing it yourself will save you stress and give you a better outcome.

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