Fairbanks Ranch Gates Getting Huge Face Lift

If you have driven past Fairbanks Ranch on San Dieguito Road you may have noticed the huge construction job that is underway on both the main South Gate and North Gate guest entrance.  This is not your usual gate remodel.  We are talking about a huge undertaking to not only beautify the gates but also make the process of getting in and out of Fairbanks a lot more efficient than it has been for the last number of years. 

Those that frequent the community know that huge back ups quickly would occur when construction crews, gardeners, or lost guests clog the entry.  The way the gates were designed, if the wait got long enough there would be no way for for residents to get through.  This problem will be solved as soon as the new gates are completed.  They will no be much wider and there will not only be enough space for residents to get through but there will also be space for guests to be admitted in, even if somebody is having trouble getting through and needs to get verified.

For now, guest access into Fairbanks Ranch has been diverted to what used to be resident only gates.  They have built temporary stations and it is working just fine.  However, once the new gates are in place, the neighborhood will be even more grand than it already was.  Looking forward to it.

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