Explaining the Process of the Empowered Home Sale

Today I’m discussing the empowered home sale, our trademarked methodology to get you the most money possible for your home sale.

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Today I’ll break down how to achieve the empowered home sale.

Have you ever sold your home and found yourself wondering if you could have had more, even if you got your asking price? Most people would say yes. Subconsciously we understand that all the traditional home selling model ever gives us is an individual opinion on price, and it pins the buyer against you as the seller. The empowered home sale is the process of bringing the market to the home.

You don’t just hire a real estate agent to give you a price. Even in our seller’s market, there are hundreds of homes that go unsold every month, and it’s mostly because most agents fail to enact a strategy that results in an empowered home sale.

The root of the problem is that their goal is typically to find the buyer. When your focus is so narrow, you focus on activities to just bring a buyer. The buyer comes to see the home when they want, and they see it on their own; there’s nobody for them to worry about.

When that buyer makes an offer, how can you be certain that it’s the most money the market will bear for your home? You can’t—all you’ll ever know is that it was that single person’s opinion. They’re only focused on you because there’s nobody else for them to worry about. This means you’re not empowered to feel like you’re getting the most out of your house.  

If you want an empowered home sale, your goal has to shift. Your goal has to be to find the market.

To find the market, you have to take control of the home viewing experience. By having a broad goal to find the market and not just the buyer, you can take on activities that allow you to identify every buyer for your house and then drive them to compete with each other instead of with you. When you turn the buyers’ focus away from you as the seller and onto each other, they’ll ask themselves who they have to beat to win the home.

Then, you know that they’ll all step up and each put their best foot forward. This will allow your price to rise to its highest price that the market will bear.

There’s a methodology to it that we’ve trademarked as the 5 Day Blitz™ with a goal of delivering the market to you and giving an empowered home sale to you. It’s the process we used to sell 188 homes in 2016 alone.

If you want to learn more about this process or how it can help you get the most money possible for your home sale, give us a call or send us an email today. We’d be happy to tell you more.

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