Don't Even Dream Of Skipping Your Property Inspection

I just went through an escrow where the buyer chose not to get a professional home inspection (I represented the seller). It wasn't the first time I see that happen but I just can't ever believe anyone would even dream of releasing contingencies with out one.

Buyers, Attention Please!....Get a home inspection every time you purchase real estate! Got that? Good.

The inspection is one of the greatest protections that you have as a buyer. It is your opportunity to inspect the property inside and out with the help of a professional. The benefits of this can't be over stated.

A home inspection will help you figure out what you are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into. Buying real estate is a serious matter and you should be taking every precaution.

Best of all, it will give you real grounds under which to negotiate repairs from the seller. The seller find it difficult to argue with the findings of a professional home inspector. At least that's how it works here with San Diego County homes and most other places I know of.

In fact, it is so important that you do get a professional home inspection, and so crazy not to, that if I am involved in a deal where the buyer opts to not do an inspection I make sure that they sign a legal document that proves that I encouraged them to get one. I don't want that coming back to bite me in the behind when there is something wrong with their property that they never found as a result of passing on their right to inspect the property.

Thinking about it as a right is actually a great way to think about your professional home inspection. It really is a right. Giving up your right to the home inspection is like giving up your right to free speech. It's just crazy.

I assume some buyers pass on the professional home inspection because it can run a few hundred dollars. Well that is just nothing compared to the thousands of dollars in problems you can avoid by figuring out what is under the hood before you buy. I guess these are probably the same people that opt to not have care and health insurance (and can afford it).

Stupid is how I would describe those people. That is not a camp you want to be in.

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