Build Your Own Fire Pit

You don’t have to purchase a ready-made fire pit, nor do you need to hire a contractor. You can build a DIY fire pit quite easily by following the steps below. Our infographic also has some great illustrations to help you along the way.

What You’ll Need:

  •  Digging Tools (Shovel and Pick Axe)
  • Tamper
  • Level
  • Rounded Landscaping Stones
  • Metal Fire Pit Ring and Metal Grate
  • Approximately 1 ton of sand, and 1 ton of gravel

Now, before you get started, take a moment to consider the placement of your fire pit. You’ll want to select a location that is a safe distance both from trees, and from the structure of your home. Be sure to take into account any awnings.

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Pick a spot for your fire pit, and lay the fire pit ring and blocks out around the ring, and mark a circle of dots about 3 inches out from the stone ring. Dig about 12 inches of soil out from this ring.

Step 2:

Add about 4 inches of gravel and tamp it flat. Next add 4 inches of sand, and tamp that flat as well. This will provide a good foundation for your fire pit that also allows for some water drainage.

Now that you’ve added your gravel and sand, and tamped it, it’s time to add your first layer of stones. Lay them in the circle, and make sure they are all level.


Step 3:

Start the second layer of stones, staggering them half-way over the ones below them.

Once you have the second layer of stones stacked, add enough gravel to the inside of your stone circle to cover the first level of stone.

Once you’ve added the gravel to the inside of the fire pit, continue adding the third layer of stones.

Step 4:

Continue adding the stone layers while periodically checking that they are straight. Add enough gravel to the outside of your fire pit to cover your first layer of blocks. This will add stability.

Continue laying stones until you get to your next to last layer.

Step 5:

Before adding the last layer of stone to the top your fire pit, add the metal ring into your fire pit. The metal ring should fit snugly, and to be sure it fits, you can add it into your fire pit as you go, so that when you get to this step you’ll know that it will fit.

The metal ring helps to preserve the stones you’re placing around the outside of your fire pit.


Step 6:

Add your last layer of stones. If desired, add your metal grate to the top of of your fire pit. It should set down perfectly onto the steel ring you inserted.

You’re done!

Keep in mind that you should only use landscaping blocks, because riverstone can explode when exposed to heat. Keep water next to your fire pit to completely put out fires when you’re done, and clean out the ashes regularly. They can be added to your compost!

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