Break the Mold: Don’t Repeat These Top 3 Seller Mistakes

Today I want to talk about the top three biggest mistakes sellers tend to make during their transactions with the hope you’ll avoid making them yourself in your next real estate transaction.

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Here are the top three mistakes sellers make that you should avoid making during your next home sale:

1. Thinking that their home sale will be exactly like someone else’s. Here’s the thing: If you want and expect what everybody else has, you’re not differentiated. Home sales, like any other facet of business and sales, are all about differentiation. Success is founded upon being different. If you’re just another home on the market, then you’ll get just another average result. Remember, the average agent sells 3.7 homes a year; our team has sold somewhere around 330 homes this year. Doing things differently helped us succeed, and that’s why we’ve trademarked our 5-Day Blitz Program.

"Price is simply an element that has to complement a greater system."

2. Not understanding what an agent is supposed to do.
Many sellers get caught up asking about the price, but that’s not the right question. The right question is about the agent’s process; if winning a listing or selling one for more was as simple as just pricing it higher, then real estate would be a different world. But there’s more to it than that; your agent is there to administer a process that, hopefully, they’ve done hundreds (if not thousands) of times and that has been engineered to give dependable results. If you like their process, hire them; if you don’t, then move on to a different agent who has a better one.

3. Focusing too much on pricing their home.
Price is simply a function of marketing. If the entire strategy and all your energy is centered around price, then where do you suppose the buyer’s focus will be? They’ll be thinking about how they can lower the price and get a great deal for themselves. Price is simply an element that has to complement a greater system to maximize your home's value. This ensures that you get the one thing you should really be focused on: A full market response, which lets you know that you’re not leaving money in the buyer’s pocket.

As I mentioned before, I created the 5-Day Blitz, a trademarked home selling process that gets results. If you’re looking to sell your own home and would like to know how this process can get you top dollar for your home, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you out.

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