Best San Diego Beach You Have Never Been To

Moonlight Beach Encinitas is easily one of the most beautiful places in the county so why is it that the majority of San Diegans I speak to have not been there. In a way I am jealous of these people because I wish I had the opportunity to discover Moonlight Beach  in Encinitas again for the first time.

I decided to write this post after visiting the famous Moonlight Encinitas beach this weekend. While fairly crowded, it struck me that nearly everyone at the beach was from Encinitas or somewhere relatively close in North County. I realized I needed to write this post to expose Moonlight Beach Encinitas for discovery by the rest of you San Diegans that have been missing out.

Then again, the fact that is such a neighborhood beach is one of the things that makes it so great. It is the furthest thing from a commercial type of beach. Instead, Moonlight Beach Encinitas is birthed from the residential neighborhood that shares the sand with the waves.

It has an organic feel that is impossible to fake. You almost feel like you are in another decade when things were a bit more simple and life was just a touch slower.

Plus I love the fact that you can find privacy at Moonlight Beach Encinitas by walking up or down the beach in either direction.

I was out there with my fiance this weekend and we simply took off north up the coast and soon found ourselves in a secluded area where we laid out and enjoyed a piece of our amazing coastline all too ourselves. Most of the other popular beaches in the county are too busy and you could never have a piece of it to yourself. Too me this is what makes Moonlight Beach unique among its San Diego beach brethren.

If you haven't been then please go. Once you are there you can take advantage of your mini trip and also dive into all the rest of the great pleasures that Encinitas offers with its great beach culture and many bars and restaurants that make it one of my favorite neighborhoods in the County.

Moonlight Beach Encinitas is located on B Street and 4th. If you visit let us know in the comments section what you thought of it!

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