Avoid This Common Seller Mistake

We have all experienced it and there is probably nothing more uncomfortable. See if you can relate to this:

You are excited to see a new property that you are may want to buy. You arrive at the home with your San Diego Realtor and guess what happens. The owner answers the door!

Why the exclamation point? Why the dramatic effect? Well if you don't know the answer to this you may be one of the people making this mistake. Here is the answer. THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN BEING SHOWN A HOME BY THE OWNER!!!

Sorry sellers, but that's the truth.

In a best case scenario the owner will casually show a buyer around the home almost in the same fashion that an agent would. The major difference is that because it is the owner doing the showing, the buyer is not as comfortable to comment on things they don't like or are concerned about, isn't comfortable sitting on the sofa, opening and closing drawers, and generally making themselves at home.

The ability to feel at home is a major factor in buying a home. If a comfortable environment is not provided it plays heavily to the seller's disadvantage. Like I said, that is the best case scenario.

In a worst case scenario, the seller explains to you where they purchased every bucket of paint, every plant, every toilet. The seller makes you walk into every closet, touch the shelves, and knock on the walls to prove how well built the home is. This is the nightmare seller that gives you WAY TO MUCH INFORMATION.

True, you may not fall under this later more deadly category, but really there is nothing to be gained by being present when a buyer comes to your home. They are not interested in knowing who lives there now and what your life story is. What they are interested in is picturing themselves living there, and it should be the same thing that you are interested in because it will get you closer to getting the property sold.

The more they can feel at home, the higher the chances that they will make you an offer.

Get out of the house and let your real estate agent show the home for you. After all, this is why you are paying him or her the big bucks. This is why you have contracted with a professional. Let them do their job. It will benefit everyone.

Sorry, but somebody had to say it.

Feel free to share any stories in the comments of bad experience with pushy sellers you have encountered in San Diego County homes or anywhere else for that matter.

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