Artsy Neighborhoods in San Diego

As the second-largest city in California and home to over 1.3 million people, San Diego is a thriving multicultural hub rich in history, substance and potential. This exciting metropolitan area offers a fascinating variety of diverse neighborhoods, each with its own special charm and sense of style. For lovers of culture, art and music who long for a passionately creative environment, a handful of neighborhoods rise above the rest.

Gaslamp City Square

As the "historic heart of downtown San Diego", the Gaslamp Quarter is nearly 20 blocks of Victorian-style facades featuring funky boutiques, trendy restaurants and lively entertainment. Once upon a time, the Gaslamp Quarter served as the "red light" district of the city. Over 100 years later, this district has established itself as a local hot spot with over 40 nightclubs, 100 restaurants and numerous art galleries and performance theaters. Convenient to some of the most attractive elements of downtown San Diego, Gaslamp District is always exciting, awake and alive. 


Nestled near Balboa Park, Hillcrest is one of the most vibrant, dynamic and diverse neighborhoods in San Diego. With an eclectic vibe breathing new life into the sleek and sexy architecture reminiscent of 1920's, this open and inviting district is home to some of the best nightlife in the city and serves as the epicenter for both San Diego's LBGT community and its thriving foodie movement. 

North Park

North park features an interesting mix of businesses, arts, apartment complexes and single family dwellings. With Craftsman bungalows that reflect the memory of suburbia, this neighborhood is a sprawling urban melting pot with a staggering variety of coffee shops, art galleries, unique dining options and an up-and-coming craft beer scene. Many local businesses keep non-traditional hours in order to accommodate the artistic pursuits and demonstrations of the local performers, and Birch North Park Theatre often features stage performances, dance and live opera. 

Golden Hill

One of the most architecturally diverse areas in San Diego, Golden Hill features many homes built in the late 1800's. An ideal district for pedestrians, Golden Hill is within easy walking distance of downtown San Diego and Balboa Park and is one of the communities most favored by artists and musicians. With several independent recording studios, off-beat galleries and eccentric eateries, Golden Hill is the stomping ground of San Diego's many rising stars. 

La Jolla

The jewel of San Diego - and quite possibly the entire West Coast - La Jolla is a stunning coastal district that enjoys near-perfect weather, beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and an enthusiastic arts community. With an impressive range of sculptures, paintings and photographs, The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego offer access to some of today's finest works of art. Many celebrated productions were given their pre-Broadway start at The La Jolla Playhouse, which ranks as one of the most prestigious theaters in the country. Prospect Street, often referred to as the "Rodeo Drive of San Diego", features some of the best shopping in the city with cute boutiques, art galleries and ample opportunity for antiquing.

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