3 Funny Things Buyers Do

In my opinion, there is no more interesting thing to do than people watch.  People are funny.  But if you think they are funny as you observe from a street side cafe as they rush to work, you have no idea how funny they can be when they are buying real estate.

The truth is we all do these things, including myself.  Why?  I don't know.  I guess it is part of being a human.

Here is a collection of my favorite buyer behaviors:

  • One of the biggest miracles of home buying is that nearly everyone becomes a drawer and cabinet expert.  Almost without fail, buyers will walk into a home and begin examining every piece of carpentry they can get their hands on.  My favorite is the look on their faces of extreme concentration as they examine each hinge with the precision of a surgeon.  Another very special moment is the silent nod as they close each drawer, giving it their professional stamp of approval.
  • Of course, than there is surface guy.   Like cabinet guy, surface guy has a very intense look on his face.  He cannot walk by a single counter top, sink, wall, appliance, or anything else without running his hands across it. It is almost as if it were a quality control version of a metal detector.  They can sense good surfaces verse bad, I suppose.  Or maybe I have a lot of blind clients and I just don't know it.
  • Maybe a Realtor's greatest frustration is noise sensitive guy.  These people can usually be spotted at the edge of the property with their hand cupping their ear into a mini satellite dish as they try desperately to find noise they can't naturally hear.  And of course, this is understandable behavior because when they live in the property they will be spending a lot of time in perfect silence by the property's boundary and listening for anything slightly audible (yes this is sarcasm).

What funny things can you think of?  Add them below in comments.

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