2012 in Review For The Daniel Beer Group

Dear Clients,

It has been quite an amazing year, both on a personal level and for the market.  With the help of individuals like you, we managed to have our best year ever and I could not be more thankful.  This year alone, our team has sold and marketed 39 homes totaling $30,500,997.

Together, we have managed to build a team that currently ranks 4th among the 400+ agents in our company.  This year has brought many challenges and has been a tremendous learning process, but I can proudly say it has also been a blast and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  More si-highlight--primaryly, nothing would have been possible without the tremendous support of our clients?.

The greater real estate market is in a state of rapid change.  Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the numbers.  At the end of November 2012, we had 5008 properties for sale across the county compared to 10,052 homes a year earlier.  That is roughly 50% less inventory in just one year!

Another way of looking at this is, given current absorption rates, we have only 1.9 months of inventory available.  This means that if we stopped listing new homes, there wouldn’t be any homes left for sale in 1.9 months.  Typically, we consider 6 months to be a normal market trend.

Throw in record low interest rates and much improved consumer confidence, in addition to the low inventory, and the result equals prices that are dependably rising month to month.  Market times are down and real assets are as liquid as they have been for years.

In fact, our success here locally has led us to open our Long Island operation in partnership with two locals there in an effort to better service that market.

We are in a very opportunistic time, and I hope to have the honor of working together in the coming year.  I wish you and your family great health and happiness.  Happy New Year!


 Daniel Beer

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